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Importance of Technology in Recruitment & Selection Process

The role of technology was never seen as the need of the hour until this century but the efficacy displayed by this system in the process of recruiting has surprised the majority all around the world. The most time-consuming part of any corporate industry is considered to be the recruitment process when technology was not very well introduced in this sector but with the introduction of technology in the recruitment process hiring and selection of an eligible candidate are just a few clicks away and it is been proving beneficial for both the parties, for the candidate as well as the recruiter.

How Technology is Helping the Corporate World is Expanding?

Initially, any given company had to deal with many sorts of problems when they tried to expand to various parts of the country due to the lack of manpower and lack of contacts from the respective vicinity. But these difficulties have come to an end with the introduction of technology. Now, these companies or owners can recruit people for their other branches while being present at some other branch with the help of social media platforms and thus making it easy for both parties. Due to this, we can see tremendous growth in new start-up companies as it has reduced the amount of capital that was needed to be invested in the recruiting process.

Rise of Agencies within the Corporate World

Research says up to 60% of businesses are using technology and tools by 2016 for recruiting people and which is estimated to leap up to 100% by the next decade. Reports suggest that technology has reduced up to 50% of capital cost investment involved in recruiting candidates.

These numbers have given rise to many agencies all around the world whose sole purpose is to act as a mediator between the recruiter and candidates. They try to get the best offers for the recruiter as well as candidates. One such recruitment agency namely Dubai recruitment agency has established itself in this market with a very good reputation in recruiting people within and as well outside of the national boundaries. They have been successfully managing to land people their dream job and dream workplace by securing suitable offers for both the recruiter and candidates.

Factors Leading to Boost in this Sector

  • Cost-cutting
  • Sourcing of candidates
  • A shortlisting with the help of applicant tracking software
  • Telephonic or video interviews


It is evident from the reports that there has been a direct reduction of 50% capital cost involved in the recruiting process due to the introduction of technology. This has been considered a boon for many start-ups such as the Dubai recruitment agency, as the startup has been offering a very low budget and but aspired youngsters to be successful.

Sourcing of Candidates

This part can be done in two ways, internally or externally. By internal means is to create advertisements and job fairs to reach out to people and external means is to create social media content to reach out to the masses for an eligible candidate.

Shortlisting with the Help of Applicant Tracking Software

Various companies have come up with their systems to filter out the eligible candidates that suit their requirements the most. Candidates falling under their requirements are directly shortlisted for further rounds thus making the hiring process easier.

Telephonic or Video Interviews

Even the later stages of the recruitment process like face-to-face interviews or aptitude tests are slowly coming to an end with the rise of telephonic or video interviews taking place at various MNCs. This has reduced candidate’s efforts to a greater extent where they can just sit back at their houses and get recruited.


To conclude we can say that technology has been proving as a boon for various sectors but anyone won’t have imagined a few years back that it will impact the hiring process to this extent where an individual can land a desirable job just by sitting back at his place. This has truly revolutionized the corporate world and any other world where hiring was the most difficult part of the industry. We can easily predict the advancements in the near future in this sector by having a look at the leap taken by technology in the past.