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Important Aspects You Should Clarify before Hiring a Freight Forwarder

Crucial Questions You Should Ask Your Freight Forwarder

If you are going to start your own business or to promote an already existing company, it’s necessary to think about cooperation with an effective and credible freight forwarding company. It helps you to achieve the following goals:

  • Organizing and maintaining the stable functioning of the supply chain of your enterprise;
  • Boosting your profits;
  • Creating a great reputation for your brand;
  • Attracting new clients.

No wonder, everyone wants to find the best freight forwarder. Yet, it’s not an easy thing while there are lots of available variants. To make the right choice, you should clearly realize what transportation companies do and what services you need.

The following questions are a must when interviewing your potential logistic broker. They help you decide whether this variant suits your requirements or not.

How many carriers and shippers do you cooperate with?

It’s not a good idea to hire a transportation company that possesses only a couple of vans. If you need daily deliveries and the amount of products is rather high, have to select a firm with an extensive network. It’s necessary to clearly realize whether the forwarder is able to handle your workload or not.

What variations of shipping do you provide?

One of the most effective and profitable ways to transport your cargo from one place to another is truckload. It allows the delivery of parcels of any size. It’s the best solution for non-standard cargoes. Moreover, vans can go to any destination unlike trains, for instance. Yet, for some enterprises, it’s a must to deal with air or ocean shipping. Not all companies provide such services. Lots of firms work only inbound.

How quickly can you work?

Time is money. The faster you get supplies, the sooner you produce your goods. Delays lead to financial losses. If you need to deliver products to your clients, postpones are able to spoil your reputation. That’s why it’s necessary to ask a freight forwarder what the deadlines are. Moreover, many companies provide expedited shipping that allows them to deliver parcels within a couple of days.

What types of cargo do you work with?

Businesses differ. Some of them deal with food products while others work with perishable goods. Every category of items has a set of definite requirements for transportation. It means specific vans and containers are needed. That’s why some firms are ready to transfer only standard freight while others deal with specific requirements.

Can I track my freight?

Almost every American logistic company offers the tracking option. Thanks to the innovative technologies, it’s quite easy to control freight transportation. As a rule, everything you should do is install an app on your smartphone. With its help, you can see where your cargo is and when it’s expected at the destination point.

Do you offer packing services?

For some clients, it’s of prime importance to get the full spectrum of services connected with shipping. It means they do not want to think about truck renting, packing, and other elements. Yet, not all freight companies offer the option of packing. If they do, you have to be ready to pay more for it.

How much should I pay?

You should clearly understand what you pay for. Most often, the bill includes such payments as consignee charges, taxes, third-party charges, cash on delivery, FOB destination, and some others. It’s necessary to clarify all the details of the payments. Otherwise, you risk selecting a company that makes you bankrupt on shipping.

What about insurance?

If you think that insurance is not important and nothing happens to your goods, it’s better to change your mind. It protects you from possible disruptions. Whether you like it or not but freights can be lost or damaged. If your cargo is not insured, you get no reimbursement.

How safe and secure are your services?

It’s necessary to ask about the qualification and experience of the drivers. Although you may pay less for transportation varied by newbies, when it comes to the shipment of precious items, it’s better to choose experienced specialists.

It’s not the whole list of questions you may ask. It’s better to clarify all the details and nuances in order to avoid misunderstanding and failures. Yet, it’s worth highlighting that freight forwarders are your best assistants in promoting and developing your business.