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Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Even today, email marketing is one of the most effective promotional tools. Given the fact that people prefer using email for official communication, promoting products on the email addresses of customers completely makes sense. However, marketing has witnessed a big number of unopened emails simply because customers thought they were spam, the message inside looked completely unattractive, the subject line didn’t catch the client’s attention, and so on. That’s why we decided to name a few things which will make this process more effective.

Collect Data

Email marketing is all about experimenting. Standing still and expecting that every customer will open your email is not going to work. You can find out about your customer habits and what time of the day works best for them. If you find out that the response ratio was higher in the evening, then you can divide the emails into smaller groups and send the emails in different periods of the evening. That way you can find which period of the evening is the most effective for sending promotional emails.

Filtering Spam Emails

Lowering the number of emails included in the list is another good idea. Sending loads of emails to people who are unlikely to open it just a waste of time. Selecting emails that according to metrics are probably to open your emails works much better than having a large list with fake emails. You can read what Best Email Marketing Software expert says about it and it how email filtering actually works. This is the moment to think about segmenting the list. Subscribing gives your customers to get what they want, either promotion, coupons, or special events.

Email Marketing Personalization

It’s very important to address the customer in a way that you establish a closer relation with your client. While templates are also very useful and will help you organize your content thoughtfully, they can make the email sound very formal and it can easily finish in the spam box. According to researches, 75% of personalized emails were opened by customers instead of generic emails written by template. To retain your customers, personalization is a must. This doesn’t mean that the email should be personal. However, writing a catchy email subject line that contains emoji will most likely make customers open the email.

Valuable Content

As with any content, you need to make sure that the stuff that you write is valuable and worth a read. The aforementioned personalization won’t mean anything if you writing skills are not good. Your content should be informative, useful, inspiring, and contain some humor. This may be a challenge since many people create a so-called generic content in an attempt to be more professional and eye-catching. Write in your natural tone. That will make you far more trustworthy and it will help you build a stronger relationship. If you can provoke an emotion in your reader, then they will be likely to engage.

Promote Social Sharing

It’s always a good idea to connect your social media marketing and your email marketing strategy. Since social media platforms are very popular nowadays, it’s a proven receipt for success in marketing. Social media marketing can help you grow your email list. Another idea is to send emails that contain link to your social media accounts. The beauty is SMM is that you can advertise in a cost-effective way; you get a bigger reach and easy targeting. The best part about is that the social media platforms do the hard work. You just set your preferences and pay them a certain fee.

Bottom Line

All in all, people underestimate the power of this type of marketing. It is a cheap way of advertising, some research has shown that it is almost as effective as social media marketing, it is highly customizable, and extremely measurable. All of these factors combined are a winning combination for every business.