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Improve Your Net Game With These Drills

There is a game that is usually played by twelve players on the playing field in the sports sector.  The twelve players are divided into six players per team; the game is called volleyball. It is played by both males and females, locally and internationally. The game itself requires a lot of teamwork from the players and high knowledge in individual decision-making when playing.

A volleyball smasher is well acquitted with the relevant playing skills and mastery of the rules set and the game itself. The court for playing volleyball has a unique design with dimensions of eighteen meters in length and divided into two parts for two teams, two play meaning each side is nine meters long.

Every line for the team’s attack is usually 3 meters away from the line at the center. When jumping to make a smash, the player stationed at the back must be behind the line of attacking.

Height Factor

There are height restrictions in the game for both men and women. It is two point four three meters for the men, and for women, it is two point two four meters. The outside edge is marked by a net mounted antenna, and if a ball exists through it or touches it and lands on the opponent’s field, then the score is invalid, and the scoring team loses a score. To win a game, the team members need to have a unique attacking strategy.

The defense team should be unknown in that they create obstacles for their rivals as they carefully implement their strategies without the likelihood of being noticed. Spiking is the most vital strategy in any volleyball game as it is effective, and a team can easily earn a score.

The Spike Technique

It is divided into three different steps in any game. The first step is running up, the second is stopping and jumping, and the final one is stroking with a swinging arm. Smashing the ball involves hitting the playing ball from top to bottom, aiming it at the rival’s side. It is the most common and effective strategy for earning or scoring a point while competing. The attack is made by players when they are holding certain specific positions.

The positions are held by players at points one, two, three, and a defender will help attack the behind position approximately three meters in line, and the players positioned at five, six, and one smash the attack. The direction of the ball towards the opponent’s attacking side determines the three-meter attack smash. If the opponents’ attack ball direction is to the player at position five, then the smash attack will be the three-meter one from the player at position one.

The opposite applies as well if the attacking ball is directed to the player at position one. The fifth player will carry out the three-meter rule smash attack. The smash attack associated with the three-meter rule is normally carried out by the attacking player at the line’s rear side. When fed with the ball by the setter, she/he jumps, attacking from behind the three-meter line. The attacking design is effective as blocking the ball by the rival team is hard; hence, it effectively helps score points.

Volleyball Components

To influence a positive performance in a football game, the players need to be physically fit, have the required techniques, be very tactful and have good mental judgment. A good mental state of a player increases their self-confidence during the game hence increasing their performance. Confidence is highly required when making any ball possessions or passing to increase the probability of getting any game success.

Low self-esteem and confidence reduce any player’s optimal performance, which will give the rival team an upper hand in winning. In most cases, in sports, males have a higher self-confidence as compared to their female counterparts. Through the social support given to the younger athletes increases their level of confidence in any game, whereas the older athletes get their confidence from mastery of the game techniques and skills.

When well mastered and articulated, the three-meter smash attack in volleyball creates more chances of winning for the players. An athlete’s failure in any game may affect their confidence, but help and confidence boost from the teammates and the coach in charge dully boosts their confidence back.

The ability to win a championship depends on the preparedness towards the game, which includes physical and tactical exercises, their mindset, and their emotional preparedness.

The Smash Attack Technique

The ability to attack in a good and tactical manner requires a player to have arm muscle power. It goes hand in hand with self-confidence, motivation, low anxiety levels, and physical and good physical ability to attain good performance in any game. The smash attack techniques increase any team’s chances to score points as the rivals cannot easily block created that as the distance to the net far and is not easy to anticipate any scoring. It involves players jumping to a certain angle while approaching the third-meter line, taking a longer second step, and moving once hands over the head.

While jumping, the elbows should be bent, then take your hand up to the highest point possible and finally punch the ball with the palm. The mistakes that usually occur from the players are high jumps, hitting the ball on the net, and the inability to aim the ball to make a great smash.

In conclusion, volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of arm strength, is garnered from physical exercises, and continues to practice. The three-meter smash attack technique, when well mastered, helps increase the chances of any team to score points in any game. It is hard to block an anticipated attack from the smash attack. Self-discipline, moral support, and training are among the practices that enable a player to have good skills in playing.

The volleyball court is of specific dimensions, which include 18 meters of length, which is then divided into two equal parts. The net is placed in the middle, and scoring is when the ball lands on the rival’s courtside. The game is played internationally and locally by both the young generation and the older members of society.