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Improving Facebook Business Page Traffic

Marketing has grown substantially over the years. Marketing techniques are constantly elevated by the technological advancements seen every day. This technology allows marketing to flourish into what it is today.

Social media also springboards marketing into the future. Companies have the unique opportunity to grow business in hundreds of ways by using social media. The importance of a thoughtful social media representation for every business has grown immensely over the last decades, and more than so it is true for Facebook.

Establishing a professional marketing campaign is essential to really stand out in the crowd of competitors. To boost the number of interactions users are making on your profile, you should focus on producing unique content people would like to engage with, or try services like SocialBoss to help you get Facebook likes and views right from the start.

The central aspect of any successful business page is its credibility. If people cannot trust the page, they are less likely to turn into a follower/customers/users. Being interactive will show participation in the social sphere. Staying up to date improves a page’s trustworthiness by showing that they are engaged with their pages. Accuracy is also dependent on credibility in determining whether users can trust the page and information or not.

The inexpensiveness of social media promotion makes it highly attractive to small businesses, non-profits, and low-budget marketing departments. It is also relatively easy to create and upkeep a social media business page. Even on a tight budget, there are many ways to promote your business on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform you are using.

Why Should Businesses Use Social Platform Marketing?

Reach customers and fans

One of the significant aspects of social media is the communication it allows. There are nearly 1.6 billion people connected with some small business, just on Facebook! Companies can speak to someone in the same region as them, or one entirely across the world.

Organizations want people to come to the website. Having a strong presence on the internet will help connections with potential customers, make relationships with new prospects, and communicate with loyal customers.

Improve brand recognition

People are more likely to buy from a brand they trust. Having a strong internet presence through social media will give the business some credibility. It shows there are multiple ways of being contacted.

Social forums allow content to reach more people quicker (persuade them to visit the site, focus on profile and cover photos). Make sure you have relative, eye-catching pictures.

Create a conversation

Reaching a broader audience means more people are going to know about a company. Making clever social media posts is also going to make users talk about the brand. A good post will increase awareness of the marketed products or services.

Positive word of mouth can also be super beneficial for marketing. Having more people talking about the brand increases word of mouth, motivating more and more users to visit the business pages.

Build a brand through social listening

Social listening means paying attention to the conversations surrounding recent topics. Posts surrounding a new criminal case could sway many social forum users one way or the other. This can be a critical time for businesses to land on the best side for them.

However, social listening allows brands to understand the language and tone their target audience is dealing with. Social listening on social media will enable one to create content based on sore spots among the target audience.

Social listening will uncover topics, patterns, and ideas that are prevalent among the intended audience. This information and these patterns can mold business pages and posts to be the most successful.

Send out a story

The chances are high that many start their business for a reason. It’s worth sharing whether that is a personal reason or a reason from others; having social website accounts allows organizations to share your story with others.

Spreading a story will build credibility and create a more substantial contact with the crowd. Using it through social media marketing is going to allow connections to grow more vital and more profound.

Not only is the business story important, but customers’ stories are important, too! Share their stories of success. Bringing real-life examples into the mix allows for more assurance when people are concerned about the results. Stories from users show the real benefits of the business.

How Can One Get the Most from Facebook Marketing?


Hashtags are going to be a great way to get the social media business page on the map. When a topic or event is trending, there will be many posts using the same hashtags. When someone searches these hashtags, there will be a list of all publications that include that hashtag.

Using hashtags will help companies get #noticed by people they may not be reached on their own. Businesses can find the crucial hashtags by social listening.


Video marketing on internet communities is a great way to grab readers’ attention. These first couple seconds of the video are crucial to whether or not they will watch the rest of the video or scroll away.

There are a few ways to create a compelling social media video and make it easier for the crowd to stay for the entire time (then visit the site after!).

  • Use subtitles if there’s talking. Subtitles will increase the disability assistance and catch the attention of users who do not have their volume on.
  • Make sure it’s relevant and focuses on a story. If users can watch the video and remember it, it’s likely the video made a lasting impression. Having a story helps users remember the ad and build a stronger connection.
  • Pander towards the target market. When targeting the younger generation, one may want to include lots of colors or images. If targeting business people, companies may want to use geometric shapes and neutral colors. Researching the market and the most popular videos within that market will bring in the necessary information. Take note of tones, settings, verbiage, language, and other aspects that could help craft the best video.
  • Engage the audience in the video; asking them to think about something (“Remember when?”) will engage them. Having users sing along or listen (tell them to turn up the volume or wait one second before scrolling!) will improve their chances of staying in attention.
  • Use eye-catching images and scenes to keep the attention of your viewers. High-quality graphics will draw viewers’ eyes to the video and keep them there.
  • Make the video an appropriate length. A short, sweet video can be perfect for social media. Put the entire business into a few bite-sized pieces. This video is to get their attention. You want them to come to the site after the video where they can learn the rest.


Having a solid post means nothing if it is not reaching the right crowd. When running the target market, it’s essential to aim for engagement. This can come in the form of social signals. Companies have been known to offer giveaways if users will like, comment, and share their posts.

The higher the engagement on a post, the more it will be viewed throughout Facebook. If more people engage with the post, it will gain momentum and gather more and more views.

Increasing engagement among viewers can mean giving them a call-to-action button. A call-to-action button is a button that viewers can click to take them to your page. It can be in the form of “Shop Now,” or “Sign Up Now” or even “Schedule an Appointment.” Having a button telling the viewer what to do can make it easier to interact with the post.

Including links will also improve engagement on the post. People can click the link to be directed to another page, whether that be your page or not.

Blend in while standing out

To stand out among your competitors, you have to create advertisements that will blend into the news feed of your target audience. If they see the words “Advertisement,” they can scroll right past without giving the post a second thought.

Companies can market their business through publications that aren’t always outright marketing. For example, an online pet shop could post a link to a local adoption shelter. A women’s boutique could post a support message for domestic violence during delicate times.

As people scroll through their news feeds, they stop at the occasional picture and video, sometimes without checking who or what page posted it. Drawing these viewers in with a relative and fun video will allow companies to deliver the message once they have users’ attention. Creating the video will also help them engage with the post, keeping them on the publication for longer than a few seconds.

Promoting Business on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social forum online. With billions of registered users, Facebook is one of the most significant ways to market in the 21st century. Simply having a Facebook business page won’t be enough to explode your business. There are ways you can boost your sales and build your brand through Facebook!

Facebook ads are a great way to expand your reach. Facebook has a specially designed marketing platform that allows businesses to “boost” posts. When you promote a post, you can pay Facebook to show it to more people. You can get very specific on who sees your publication, including age, sex, and location.

Creating a budget will allow you to set aside funds for each post or campaign. Moreover, you can spend as little or as much as you want while marketing on Facebook. Facebook can even recommend a reasonable budget for you, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Using a schedule for marketing posts will increase the chances of seeing your ads at the right time. You can pause and resume your ad campaigns at any time, so they are only posting when you want them to.

Studying your posts’ insights can help you see how many people you’re reaching, how many clicks you’re getting, and how many shares the publication has had. Insights also show you when the post is being seen the most.

Following the themes and topics of your target audience will ensure you blend in on their timelines. Thus, when scrolling through Facebook, each person’s news feed is specific to their friends and interactions. If your marketing post aligns with your target market’s news feed, they are more likely to stop for a look on your page.

Building credibility through page likes and posts is a way to show your business is doing well. The more likes you have on your business account, the more trustworthy you appear to visitors. Getting customer posts and reviews also shows credibility.


Complete this helpful checklist to determine if the social forum business page is appropriately up to date and at the highest chance of success:

  • Attractive profile photo and cover photo.
  • Up to date with relevant posts.
  • Posts multiple times a day.
  • Relevant to business operations and practices.
  • Shows multiple sides of the company (including marketing, morals and values, goals and missions, philanthropy, etc.).
  • Includes correct contact information.
  • Includes a call-to-action button (“Shop Now”, “Schedule a Consult”, “Contact Now”).
  • Interactive with the social environment.
  • Responsive to comments, tags, reviews, etc.
  • Includes personal stories/reviews.


Anyone can create and run a successful social media page. Taking part in even a few of the above-listed activities will put organizations on the right track to building a strong social media presence. It will improve visibility, credibility, customers, users, and ultimately revenue.

It cannot be very safe when starting with a blank screen. However, once the business page is created, it’s time to expand it to the world. Even a long-term and non-engaged business page can still be revived into a million-follower page.

One aspect to remember is to stay patient and consistent. Results will not typically show overnight. It takes time to build an effective business account. Growing the page will happen as long as the posts are often relevant and engaging.


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