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Incredible moment a couple survive lightning bolt blast in Spain

Incredible moment a couple survive being blasted off their feet by a lightning bolt as they stand in front of a cross at the top of a Spanish mountain

  • Magda Allardo and her husband Marcel were sent flying after the lightning strike
  • They were unhurt but baffled by what had happened until they saw the video
  • The couple had been caught in a storm while climbing a 5,600ft Catalonia peak 

This is the dramatic moment two hikers were blasted off their feet by a bolt of lightning as they climbed a Spanish mountain during a storm. 

Magda Gallardo and her husband Marcel were posing for a picture next to a cross when the sudden electric strike sent them sprawling. 

Remarkably they were both unhurt but were baffled about what had happened until they watched the video of the lightning bolt afterwards.  

The couple had been caught in a thunderstorm after setting off for the top of the 5,600ft peak Montseny Massif, in Catalonia. 

The lightning bolt is seen on the camera at the top of the Spanish mountain

Bolt from the grey: Magda Gallardo poses on the top of the mountain (left) before the lightning strike (right) knocked her and her husband Marcel off their feet near a cross (seen right)

According to local media the couple had set off from the city of Mataro in clear weather but were caught in a storm as they were close to the top. 

Ms Gallardo stood next to the cross on the mountain peak and was posing for a picture when the lightning struck.  

In the video footage, a huge lightning bolt strikes the ground with a terrifying noise and the couple appear to be knocked over.  

Marcel had joked that the couple thought they were ‘going to die’ when the weather turned and hailstones started to fall.

The camera is sent flying

One of the hikers' boots is seen as they are knocked over by the lightning strike

Turmoil: The couple and their camera are sent flying by the lightning strike after they were caught in a thunderstorm while hiking up a Spanish mountain

According to reports, the couple did not see the lightning at the time and were unsure what had happened on top of the mountain. 

When they got home, they watched the video and were shocked to see the bolt striking the wet ground near their feet.

Neither of them was injured during the incident and family members joked that the fortunate couple should buy a lottery ticket this week.

Magda told local media: ‘What surprised us most was that there were hailstones in the area, but no thunder or lightning so we were very shocked.’

Marcel added: ‘We could smell burning after the strike.’   


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