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InfinitiKloud Back up Device Everything you need to know

Our life is running at its speed with the highly digitized world. For the reason that accessing gadgets takes only a little effort, such as cameras and smartphones, most individuals love to capture their everyday life and keep the memories for a longer time, or if possible, forever. Whether it’s a simple family lunch or dinner, trip or date, or special occasions and functions, capturing photos and video making comes naturally or a common thing.

Apart from it, we do download audios or videos that got our interest randomly. All of these and many more activities result to accumulation of a large number of media files on your smartphone or on your laptops. With that, soon, individuals begin to face storage issues.

If you accidentally lose your files and data, your world will surely crash too. You will lose your most cherished memories, your favorite songs, videos you made, and a lot more in just a blink of your eye. No one wishes to experience it, right? Therefore, it will always be a nice idea if you make a back up for all your data.

You need a systematic USB drive that will aid in storing your data and keeping all of them safe. However, we know the fact that not all available USB are reliable and competent enough. Most of them offer less capacity for data storing. While in some cases, there is a risk of losing your data.

Good thing, we now have InfinitiKloud, which is our ultimate savior. It is designed to offer convenience and easy way of storing your data. Even the old ones who are not savvy-tech could possibly utilize this device. This only means that from all generations, anybody could use this for a hassle-free file storing. It is a strong USB stick which has 64GB good for storing data. This device is a perfect solution for your problem about losing your data or saving your files and data. With the use of this device, rest assured that your data will be safe, and you can have easy access to it anytime you need it.

How Does It Work?

It can be used in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Insert it to the USB port of your computer or laptop.
  2. Launch it on your computer, and it will take you through the steps on setting it up.
  3. It will automatically be backing up your chosen files.

Advantages of InfinitiKloud

There are several storage devices available in the market today, and it might confuse you as to which of them will you pick. Most likely, it aimed for the same purpose, but they are way different from one another. Why should you choose InfinitiKloud? Below are some reasons:

  1. It contains a pre-installed software that automatically finds your files on your phone or computer. It works very fast, and the kit allows the user to find the data in no time.
  2. You are free to choose which files you want to store and which you will not. You have the option to schedule your backing up.
  3. It provides 64GB storage capacity.
  4. It saves time because of the pre-installed software.
  5. It provides a super smooth process of backing up, swift, and fast speed of transfer for about 100MB/s.

The only downside of this device is its design and mechanism. Its protective cover frequently gets stuck and rigid once you slide up when in use.

Yet, that simple shortcoming is a petty issue considering the number of benefits it offers. You would mistakenly think that it might be expensive because of its benefits, but no. It’s a reliable and excellent product at a very affordable price.