Influence of Vikings Now Seen in Age of the Gods Series

Before the History Channel released Vikings, the Norse seafarers were well known, but they were nowhere near as prevalent in mainstream entertainment as they are today. The main series has ended, but it has already inspired one spinoff on Netflix.

The impact of Vikings is also being seen in the online casino industry. The Age of the Gods franchise, for example, has now entered Norse territory after having previously focused on Greek mythology.

The Age of the Gods Franchise Branches Out to Norse Mythology

Age of the Gods is one of the most popular online slot games. Because of the sheer number of people who wanted to play the original, Playtech went on to make numerous other titles in the series.

When you play online casino games at Paddy Power Games, you’ll notice that there is plenty of Age of the Gods slots to choose from. These now include an offering that is inspired by Vikings.

Age of the Gods Norse: King of Asgard, is likely to be one of many games in the series that use Viking religion as inspiration.

Vikings were lauded for their realism, and that meant that the creators eschewed depictions of the famous Norse gods like Thor and Odin.

However, these deities were closely related to the story, and there were a few episodes in which they weren’t mentioned. This served to remind viewers, as well as online slot developers, that the mythology from that era was just as interesting as its Greek equivalent.

Vikings Have Been a Cultural Sensation

When Vikings were first released, some people dismissed it as a cheap imitation of Game of Thrones, which was hugely popular at the time. However, as it grew into its entity and established its clear differences from the HBO fantasy, Vikings started to gain the recognition it deserved.

This was a historical epic that attempted to stick closely to the historical accounts from that period. It was able to take things in its direction as well, partly because the era wasn’t accurately recorded by those living at the time.

Forbes notes how the quality of Vikings declined over the long run, but that it still managed to remain impressive in many ways until the end. This can happen with long series, and it didn’t affect the impact it had on the wider entertainment industry.

It’s clear throughout popular culture that other offerings are capitalizing on the success of Vikings.

Potential For Multiple Spinoffs

Vikings have already spawned one spinoff and there could be more to come.

Vikings: Valhalla was released on Netflix, and it attracted a lot of old and new fans to the franchise. The Guardian discusses how all the elements are in place to continue the themes that were introduced in the original series.

Valhalla could potentially last as long as its predecessor and continue the franchise for the foreseeable future. There’s also the possibility of releasing other spinoffs that focus on different periods or locations.

For people who enjoyed Vikings and want to experience its themes again, playing the new Age of Gods Norse games is a great idea. The fact that this much-loved slot series has branched out into this mythology highlights the impact that Vikings had.