Inmate kills himself one day after he’s released from prison 

Inmate convicted of burglary and drug possession is found dead one day after he’s released from prison

  • A man released from Casuarina prison on bail was found dead the next day
  • He was serving time for burglary, drug possession and reckless driving 
  • His death will be investigated, along with five other Casuarina prisoner deaths 

A man released from one of Western Australia’s highest security jails was found dead one day after he walked free. 

The man was granted parole and released from Casuarina prison, in Perth, on February 4. His body was discovered at his home just 24 hours later. 

He’d served time for offences including burglary, reckless driving and drug possession. 

The man was granted parole and released from Casuarina prison (pictured), in Perth, on February 4. His body was discovered at his residence 24 hours later 

‘This death is now being investigated by the WA Police and may be the subject of further inquiry,’ a spokesperson from the Department of Justice told WA Today.  

‘His death is being treated as non-suspicious and a report will be prepared for the coroner,’ the spokesperson said.

The Coroner will need to determine if his death is considered to have taken place while in custody. 

Investigations into the deaths of five other Casuarina prisoners, who died in 2014 and 2015, will also be included in the 10-day hearing, beginning on March 25. 

Casuarina prisoners deaths

1. Aubrey Anthony Wallam was found dead in October 2014 – the night before rallies were held around Australia to protest deaths in custody. 

2. Brian Robert Honeywood died in February 2015 while waiting for sentencing after pleading guilty to murdering his 25-year-old paraplegic son. 

3. Janusz Solon died in  August 2015 – the day before he was due to appear in court on dozens of child sex charges. 

3. Convicted child killer Mervyn Bell was found dead in his prison cell in September 2015 after being sentenced to 27 years in prison for murder 

5. Bevan Stanley Cameron died in November 2015, after being sentenced to seven and a half years jail because he stole and crashed a car. He then abandoned his small daughter in the burning car.