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Instagram Business and Personal Account

Relevance of Instagram bot follower in online advertising initiatives

Instagram Business and Personal Account

Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, and since then, Facebook has transformed many rules that were once the part of this social media giant.

This platform has more than 1 billion dynamic followers who share photos and videos every month. Furthermore, the heart button of Instagram is tapped more than 4 billion times each day. In addition to this, two out of three people between the ages of 19-29 are active on Instagram.

Brands experience ten times more engagement on Instagram than they do on Facebook. A study implies that Instagram has more than 25 million business profiles.

There is an intense debate on the preference of Instagram business account over an Instagram personal account. However, both of these accounts have some pros, which I am going to discuss below.

Instagram Personal Account

As far as the private Instagram account is concerned, it is compatible with individual use. If you are sensitive about your personal privacy, and you are using Instagram just for engaging with your friends and sharing the stories, then you should not be going towards business option.

If you just want to create some fun on your profile by sharing some trip photos, tutorials, and guides, then you certainly need to shift to the personal account.

 Main Benefits of a Personal Instagram Account are:

  • Enhanced privacy for individuals
  • Linking of multiple profiles (Business account allows the connectivity of only one profile)
  • Higher Organic Reach

Instagram Business Account

An Instagram business account extends various characteristics that are exclusively beneficial for marketers. Shifting to a Business account from your traditional personal account will considerably affect the average engagement of your followers.

As is apparent from the name, Instagram has offered the opportunity of business account to expedite the marketers in every way possible.

If there were no business Instagram accounts, marketers would be unable to publicize and expand the brands more precisely. Notable statistics of Instagram business account include:

  • More than 1.9 million monthly advertisers on Instagram
  • 25 million active business profiles
  • More than 70% of people buy from Instagram shopping feature
  • More than 75% user follow at least one business page
  • 50% of the Instagram accounts promote brands through stories.

Main Reasons why you should switch to Instagram Business Account

Entirely relying on regular Instagram account might not be giving maximum yield to you. If you are serious about the advancement of your business, then turning to Instagram business account should be your utmost priority. Primary reasons why you should prefer Instagram business account are:

  1. It will give a Thorough Insight of your Audience

Through the Instagram business account, you will get a detailed analysis of all the activities of your followers. How much they remain active, which things they like the most, and on what type of posts they prefer to comment.

After having a comprehensive analysis, you will be in a better position to amend the content of your account accordingly.

  1. It will give the Users a Feature of Online Shopping

Generally, users have to visit the official websites of the brands to buy something. They look for the desired things on the online stores and after thorough contemplation; they add the stuff into their shopping cart.

Fortunately, you can introduce the feature of online shopping directly from the Instagram business account.

Customers can check the products, give feedback, buy multiple things and pay the price by surfing on the page only. This feature is remarkable, given that it reduces the burden of looking for the products on official websites.

  1. Ability to Link your Followers

In case you haven’t noticed, the linking feature is offered exclusively by Instagram business account. You will have the feature of inserting a link to the Instagram stories to redirect the users to anywhere.

If you are running a blog, or you have other websites that are indirectly associated with your brand, then you can add the link of the web pages to the Instagram stories to divert the flow of traffic.

  1. Post from a Desktop Computer 

As long as you have converted your profile to a business one, you will have the feature of posting the promotional ads or pictures directly from your computer. Instagram is a mobile-based app, and it does not offer extensibility for a personal computer. You cannot post anything from your desktop pc if you are running a regular Instagram account. Furthermore, you can also download Instagram videos easily, if you are using a PC.

This thing can drastically enhance the efficiency of your brand, given that your time would be lessened. You don’t need to hold a mobile phone every time in your hands. Moreover, on desktop pc, you can edit your pictures through thousands of tools and filters that are not available on mobile phones.

Last Words

The ultimate choice of choosing the best account is yours. You can explore the enormous potential of Instagram business account to broaden your market.  Things will start becoming smoother for you once you master the art of utilizing the striking features of Instagram.