Interactive map reveals areas with the most sluggish internet speeds are – how bad is your area? 

Britain’s broadband blackspots: Interactive map reveals UK areas with the SLOWEST internet speeds – how bad is your area?

Tens of thousands of UK households don’t have access to ‘decent’ broadband and even more are being charged ‘over the odds’ for the service, according to experts.

Nous, a household finance company, said it was ‘worrying’ that rural communities across England and Wales were being ‘left behind’ and claimed customers were being charged too much for broadband contracts.

It comes as millions of BT, EE, O2, Plusnet, Shell, Sky TalkTalk, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone customers face sharp price hikes as high as 17.3 per cent as the cost-of-living crisis has soared.

Internet providers can introduce mid-contract price rises by the rate of inflation, plus an extra few percent as is laid out in the terms and conditions.

So what is YOUR broadband speed? These handy maps will show you the best and worst speeds across the country.