Introducing Ultimate Luxury Showers with Crosswater’s 10mm Collection

Once considered a convenient means to an end, showering has since been recognized for its outstanding contribution to wellness, earning its place as an effective alternative to bathing. With benefits extending beyond efficiency to heightened relaxation and revitalization, the showering process now focuses on the overarching experience from start to finish.

This new design is ideal for those considering a new design bathroom renovation.

As every element of the shower contributing to the overall ambiance, even the smallest touches such as the shower valve should be carefully considered. From dark, calming shades and soothing matt details, to invigorating colors and lustrous finishes – creating any luxury shower begins with the showering space.

As the place in your home where personal privacy is not only sought after but expected, your shower should be the one place guaranteed to provide a sense of security and comfort.

Offering superior showering luxury, Crosswater’s premium 10mm collections, OPTIX 10 and GALLERY 10, ensure a place of undivided contentment to further enhance your showering experience.


From glorious 10mm toughened safety glass at the heart of its design, to diverse layout options, GALLERY 10 luxury walk-in showers bring a new level of choice to showering. Comprised of glass panels, profiles, and bracing bars, GALLERY 10 offers impressive design flexibility to create a solution to create your space, your way.

Featuring unobscured entrances and flawless glass panels, GALLERY 10 walk-ins revolutionize the bathroom with a choice of four indulgent finishes – Brushed Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black or Polished Stainless Steel for a color to accentuate every interior.


Crosswater’s most luxurious shower enclosures, OPTIX 10 features premium 10mm toughened safety glass for secure envelopment and complete privacy. From conventional shower enclosures, including sliding door, pivot door, and pivot door with the inline panel to superior bath screens perfect for everyday family use, the OPTIX 10 range provides luxury designed to last.

Available in three striking finishes, including opulent Brushed Brass, streamlined Brushed Stainless Steel, or more traditional Polished Stainless Steel, the collection ensures a shower to meet the demand of every household within an exceptional design statement.

Luxury Inside and Out

Continuing the theme of luxury across the shower, Crosswater’s 10mm collection pairs perfectly with color-matching MPRO brassware. From the valves at the heart of the shower to connecting outlets such as rainfall showerheads and handsets, Crosswater as the Home of Showering has everything you need to create a cohesive solution that features luxury throughout.

Whether you decide upon glamourous Brushed Brass, impressive Brushed Stainless Steel, on-trend Matt Black, or a timeless Polished Stainless Steel – combine 10mm and MPRO for the ultimate domestic retreat with a personal touch.

Keystone Bathrooms supply the Crosswater’s Collection as part of their design and fit-out services.