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Is a King Charles Spaniel the Right Pet for You?

Choosing a dog to be part of your family cannot be an offshoot of some whimsical notions. It is a decision that must be carefully thought of considering that the precious life of a creature is involved. The moment you take in a puppy, it becomes your responsibility. Every member of your family has to come forward to take care of it. Today, one of the most sought-after pets for home is the Cav King Charles Spaniel. So why has this dog become so popular and will this kind of dog makes a perfect companion for your family?

Traits of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

King Charles spaniel is among the most lovable and docile dogs in the world. Its eyes, fur, ears, all form the perfect toy breed you can happily bring along wherever you go. These dogs love hugs, kisses and they even like to cuddle with you on the sofa or bed. If you are sleeping on a soft pillow, you can expect the Cav to lay down close to you.

There’s also nothing to worry about when it comes to the dog’s temperament because the dog is very peaceful and polite. It understands the concept of praise, which is why it readily responds to any approval given by its owners. With these traits, it’s easy to see why cavalier king charles spaniel puppies for sale are much welcomed.

Characteristics of the Cavalier Every Owner Must Understand

Just like with any dog, you can expect “mood swings” from cavalier king charles spaniel puppies. For one, these dogs are prone to experience separation anxiety as they’re used to having people around them. They tend to become destructive and incessantly bark when they’re left alone for a long time.

Cavs who were not exposed to other dogs or people tend to be shy and timid. Although this trait is not a prevalent one, there are times when one can exhibit them. For instance, the Cavalier exhibits a strong instinct to chase anything it fancies. If your dog shows this kind of behavior, take precautionary measures by fencing the property. This will prevent it from scampering into the road.

Are You Ready to Own One?

Needless to say, the Cavalier Spaniel dog breed is an ideal house pet. Nonetheless, you have to make sure that your home is ready with lots of space where the pup can run around. Your family members should be willing to put in a little effort in taking care of the dog. If you have already considered this, then you may bring a Cavalier at home.

Without a doubt, the Cavalier is an adorable dog. If you want to have one at home, make sure you are prepared to spend time and resources for your dog. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a gentle dog breed that requires a lot of love and attention.

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