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Is It Effective To Wear Compression Socks For Shin Splints?

Shin splint is a painful condition in the front area of the lower portion of the leg that is usually felt after engaging in strenuous physical activity. And although the painful sensation is due to many causes such as stress fracture, compartment syndrome, or stress at the medial tibial, it is something that should be addressed immediately.

Athletes, particularly runners are susceptible to shin splints. And in order to avoid having this injury, runners, basketball players, tennis players, and those who are engaged in heavy footwork in sports should wear compression socks as much as possible.

But what type of compression leg gear should you wear? And does wearing compression socks for shin splints really effective? Get to know more about the facts as we go through this topic in today’s post.

What Causes Shin Splints Aside From Sports?

Although it’s already mentioned that sports like running and soccer are often the cause of shin splints, there are also other (rather) ordinary factors that can cause a person to suffer from shin splints. And these are the following:

  1. Overweight – Having excess pounds puts extra weight on the legs. And as a result, your legs will feel strained, and is at risk of acquiring leg injuries like shin splints.
  2. Flat Feet – Being flat-footed causes the feet to put extra pressure on the joints and tendons, which can wear them out quickly.
  3. Wearing Of Wrong ShoesWearing shoes that are unsuitable for the kind of activity you are going to do (walking, jogging, exercising) can also place heavy and unnatural pressure on the legs, which also make it susceptible to shin splint injury.
  4. Other Factors – Having weak ankles, running on rough roads and uneven surfaces, and failing to stretch before and after exercise can also cause shin splints.

Compression Therapy

This medical treatment is described as the process of applying pressure on the affected area to stimulate arteries and veins and promote better blood flow. And doctors recommend wearing compression socks for shin splints as this can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain at the same time. Likewise, it can also be used as a preventive measure so you won’t be having this type of injury while engaging in sports activities.

The 5 Benefits Of Wearing Compression Leg Gear

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of wearing compression socks, stockings, sleeves for shin splints:

  1. Prevents Stiffness And Swelling – Compression of the affected area helps remove lactic acid and keeps your muscles to stay supple and hydrated.
  2. Maximize Blood Flow – As previously mentioned, wearing compression leg gear promotes better blood flow from your shins to your heart, which also aids in the healing process for any injury incurred.
  3. Relieves Pain – As the blood flows freely through the affected area, it also helps relieve pain. And the soreness will also decrease as the swelling reduces.

Final Takeaway

All in all, wearing of compression socks for shin splints can be an effective remedy for treating this type of leg injury. But if the injury is severe, we advise you to seek chiropractic and massage therapy as professional chiropractors can help restore your shins back to its healthy state and may also recommend some diet and exercise for faster recovery.