Is It Lawful to Hire a Private Investigator in Melbourne?

Hiring a private investigator is not a violation of any rule of law. But there is certain conduct that private investigators cannot involve themselves in, or else they will be in violation of the law. Because of this, it is crucial to check with your private investigator Melbourne to make sure that he or she follows the law in your state or area.

Keep in mind that licensed private investigators who work in Melbourne, are bound by state and national laws. Their unique skills and equipment are utilized to discover information about individuals or companies you may want to investigate. In some instances, it may mean having to use photographic or video evidence to catch culprits red-handed.

Impersonating a law enforcer

If your private investigator in Melbourne is not a law enforcement officer, it is illegal for them to pose as one. Because of this, a majority of private investigators should neither carry a badge nor wear a law enforcement uniform. It is critical that your private investigator complies with this rule so that it will not cause potential witnesses to be misled about their role in the case and any connection with a government agency.

The typical expense of hiring private investigators in Melbourne is about $80 per hour. When you get the services of a private investigator in Melbourne it is not as expensive as you might initially believe. It will only take about a minimum of 4 hours of surveillance for them to help you get the truth uncovered.

Wiretapping a phone equipment

Under the law, private investigators can’t wiretap phone calls without the permission of at least one of the individuals utilizing the line. In some areas, only one person on the call can give the consent, while in other areas, both parties must consent to the recording for it to be legally recorded.


In some instances, private investigators may have to break into the property of another individual. However, state and local laws may forbid investigators from doing this act. Furthermore, the investigator cannot trespass and enter without violation of the law. In many instances, the private investigator must have the owner’s permission before entering. This requirement is more realistic in divorce cases when both parties still share the home.

Tampering with mail

It is considered breaking the law if someone tampers with or destroys another person’s mail for them to get the details inside or to stop the individual from receiving the message of his or her mail.

There are several things a private investigator in Melbourne can and cannot do. It is not possible for them to hack the phone or computer of a person. It is also not legal to track people via GPS nor can they install devices for recording on private properties.


It is critical to have a serious talk with your private investigator to make sure that both of you are following all the laws. You may risk having specific evidence and information be excluded from courts as well as other penalties if you violate procedures.

Private investigators in Melbourne, Australia, must work on getting either an associate or bachelor’s degree in criminology. They are also allowed to get a degree in something related. Associate’s degrees take about a couple of years, while bachelor’s degrees take about four years. This training is necessary to be equipped with skills and knowledge to become an excellent investigator.