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Is it possible still to be a volunteer having a criminal record

Is it possible still to be a volunteer having a criminal record

A common misconception in our society is that everyone with a criminal record is inherently evil. This is not true. People make mistakes, and they mess up sometimes. As a result, some end up in prison and get convicted. However, this does not mean that they are incapable of change and getting better.

Humans never cease to grow. Even when we stop growing physically, there is no doubt that we keep growing mentally. Therefore, even those people who end up in jail are capable of turning their lives around. They can change their actions and behavior for the better. It isn’t right to consider them lost causes.

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When people who have made mistakes in the past want to change, everyone in society should welcome that change. We should support them in doing better for themselves and those around them.

The fact is that when people make it out of prison after completing their punishment, they find it hard to move on. It is hard to move on with life and essentially start from scratch.

They have to deal with how life went on for everyone else while they were locked up. Hence, they have to learn to be a part of society again and figure out ways to contribute.

Finding jobs is also very difficult for these people. This is because employers do not prefer to hire people with a criminal record. However, it is not impossible. People with criminal records can volunteer in various places and even get jobs.

Why Organisations Might Be Interested In Taking Volunteers with a Criminal Record

Here is why organizations might be interested in taking volunteers with a criminal record:

Experience and Knowledge: Organizations may be interested in taking you on a volunteer because people who have done time often have a lot of knowledge and experience. They can impart that knowledge to other people. For instance, they tell other people what they learned from their mistakes.

Skills and Qualifications: Many people who go to prison utilize their time to learn a new skill or get a qualification. They often learn unique skills that can really help community-based organizations. Moreover, they can transfer their skills to other people in various organizations.

Diversity: Many volunteer organizations prefer to have diversity amongst their volunteers. This is because a diverse community gives way to more understanding, exposure, and tolerance.

Therefore, many organizations are looking for people who have done their time and are looking to move on with their lives.

Why Volunteering in Different Places is Beneficial to People with Criminal Records

Here is volunteering in different places is beneficial to people with criminal records:

Support: When people get out of jail, they often face a lot of alienation from society. They find it hard to resume and improve their lives. When they step into society, they find that the world has moved on without them.

Hence, it is not easy for them to become a part of the community again. Therefore, when such people volunteer in different places, they receive support from their peers. This motivates them to turn their lives around.

A Sense of Purpose: When people come out of jail, many of them feel like they no longer have a purpose. Some even think they don’t have a reason to be alive. By volunteering in different places, people with criminal records get a sense of purpose. This drives them to work towards a goal and improve their lives.

A Chance of ‘Give Back’: Even after getting out of prison by doing their time, some people keep feeling immensely guilty for their past actions. The fact is that they can’t change what they did in the past.

Hence, there is non use drowning in their own guilt. By volunteering in various places, they get a chance to give back to their community.