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Is it worth it to hire a UX agency?

As your company gets ready to develop a new product or service, you may ask yourself: is it worth it to hire a UX agency to do that? There are several reasons why you should consider hiring the services of professionals.

In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of hiring a user experience agency, as well as how UX design can work in the favor of your business!

Why is UX design worth your attention? What does an agency do?

In a nutshell, the main reason why hiring a UX agency is worth it for your company, is that they will work towards directly supporting your business goals.

UX agencies focus on any interaction your target audience may have with your services and products, whether it’s a physical product or a digital platform like the website of your company.

Their main goal is? Increasing customer satisfaction by making sure that your offers are in line with their needs and expectations. Satisfied customers come with a heap of benefits, as they often become your most frequent buyers and defenders of your brand.

As such, no matter the method employed, a UX agency always keeps the profitability of your products and services in mind. It’s not just beneficial for your users, it’s beneficial for you!

In other words, if you want to increase your conversion rate (the number of visitors who turn into repeat buyers), hiring a UX agency can be worth it.  If the experience your webshop or application provides is satisfying enough, your users will be much less inclined to look for other options online.

To create a satisfying user experience, an agency also makes sure that navigating your website is as easy as possible, and “guides” users towards the areas which are key to your business, such as contact forms, or spending money on ordering products.

Is it worth it to hire a UX agency? What kind of services can I expect?

There are many benefits to hiring a UX design agency. The process of creating a memorable user experience is easier said than done and requires several factors to work. No solution works for everyone, as each company – and its users – are different.

Apart from technical expertise (web development, coding, design, etc), another great reason why it is worth hiring a UX agency is that they will help you create products and services that suit YOUR users.

A great way to save time and money is to focus on getting your users better before the start of the design process. The more information you have in the beginning, the lesser the chance of having to make last-minute changes or correcting bugs in an app.

Fortunately, depending on your company’s sector, its target audience, and where you currently are in the product/service development phase, UX agencies can offer a wide range of services to help you create the most enjoyable user experience possible (or at the very least, one that is devoid of any frustrating elements).

These services include:

  • User surveys, user interviews, and the use of the so-called Kano model to discover the needs, expectations, and priorities of your users.
  • The creation of user personas based on previous data about your users
  • Planning the customer journey of your users to facilitate the buying process and identify the key areas to your conversions
  • Testing different versions of your interface to see which one performs better among your users.

To sum up: why is it worth it to hire a UX agency?

Why hiring a UX agency is worth it when you want to acquire new customers

A UX design agency will help you create a user-friendly, lighting fast website, webshop, app, or software that can grab the attention of your target audience.

Why hiring a UX agency is worth it when you want to keep old customers

A great user experience can do wonders for improving loyalty towards your business and reduce the chances of users searching for alternative solutions among your competitors.

Why hiring a UX agency is worth it if you want to avoid wasting resources

A common misconception is that UX design is a waste of time and money, as it only lengthens the development process.

However, by being able to filter out existing and potential errors ahead of time, you can avoid spending extra time and money on fixing problems you could have solved earlier if you had known more about your users’ needs.

Not to mention that creating any digital platform takes time and effort: you shouldn’t rush it if you’re playing the long game.

Why hiring a UX agency is worth it for the growth of your business

UX design is a great opportunity to stay ahead of your competition, innovate your business, and increase your conversions with a well-designed product or service. A good UX agency will always keep your conversions in mind!