Is McAfee Still Good in 2019?

It is vital to protect all the devices from viruses. Today everyone is under the potential threat to suffer from a hacker attack that can lead to predicaments and money losses. That’s why everyone must have an antivirus program installed on their computers and even mobile devices because smartphones and tablets are also vulnerable.

McAfee was one of the best antivirus providers and did great protecting devices on all the platforms for the past couple of years. Is McAfee good for business? Is it still reliable? Let’s take a look at its features and lab test results and figure out if this antivirus fits you.

Protection from malware

During AV-Comparatives tests, McAfee scored 99.2% during the real-world protection test. That’s not a perfect result – it’s quite far from 100%. But it is quite decent. Also, you have to keep in mind that fabricated environment the antivirus is exposed to during tests is different from the real one. Even though the test is called “real-world protection.”

However, we should also note that these are the results for Android and Windows. There are no information on macOS and iOS McAfee versions, so we can’t tell Apple fans.

Features and capabilities

With McAfee Total Protection, you will get a much-needed firewall and parental control. Also, there is a game mode that will be helpful if you don’t want the antivirus to bother you. The safe browser feature will protect you from malicious sites. And the device tune-up will help you keep the system clean and swift.

McAfee offers all the essential features you’d expect a good antivirus to have. Moreover, McAfee will protect your identity and passwords from theft. To provide top-notch service, this brand has a support team accessible 24/7 so that users can always get some help.

When it comes to the kinds of threats, McAfee covers them all. This antivirus will protect your devices from malware and ransomware. But there is one more threat that is considered to be the most dangerous – phishing.

Using this technique, hackers lure users into filling fake forms to steal personal information. That’s how they get credit card details, access to bank accounts, and other kinds of data that allows them to make some profit.

Fortunately for McAfee users, this antivirus protects them from phishing. Therefore, you can use it even to protect your business. McAfee will safeguard sensitive corporate data from malefactors.

Performance and impact on the system

The antivirus program mustn’t slow down the work of the device. Because otherwise there is not much use of it. As the AV-Comparatives test suggests, McAfee doesn’t impact the system. It scored 99.2% – as well as in real-world protection test. Even during the deep scan, the device doesn’t lag, and the delay caused by the antivirus actively working is not noticeable.

The interface and usability

McAfee offers one of the most straightforward interfaces out there. The home window is rather informative, showing all the information the user needs to know – the status of the antivirus, found threats, the condition of the system, and the list of features. User can schedule scans to make sure their device is clean even if they forget to scan it.

The best thing about McAfee is that you don’t have to reload your computer after installing the antivirus. It works right away and is ready to use. While it might seem insignificant, this feature saves some time.

Overall, this antivirus program is very straightforward. And even the least tech-savvy users won’t have any issues with it. However, there is one downside – you can’t run the scan from the home screen. Again, it’s not a big of a deal. But it would be nice just to hit one button to run a scan instead of performing several clicks.


McAfee is a reliable antivirus. And it seems to become better over time. If a couple of years ago it was considered a mediocre if not the weak solution, today McAfee proudly stands among the best antivirus providers. It offers several subscription plans to fit different needs. Therefore, you will have a chance to pick what fits your needs, not paying too much.