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Is Netflix Shrinking Australia’s Film and Television Industry?

Netflix is the world’s leading media platform that offers its services in 190+ countries worldwide. If we talk about its presence in different countries like Australia, you would be surprised to know that more than 17 million Australians have already subscribed to Netflix.

It means Netflix has become a household name for Australian viewers specifically. It is a great thing from the viewers’ point of view. On the contrary, this is not a good sign for the local Australian media industry as Netflix is slowly becoming users’ preferred choice for streaming.

According to HowToWatchInAustralia, users can also access different foreign streaming services while residing in Australia. But, the popularity of Netflix seems to be unmatched. Sadly, this acceptance or fame of Netflix will cost the local film and TV industry quite heavily in the coming years.

This post will let you know how Netflix’s different tactics have started disrupting the local Australian media industry’s landscape a great deal.

Netflix offers an attractive party feature

Netflix provides a mighty useful virtual party feature that lets you enjoy watching your favorite content be it a TV show or movie along with your friends. Furthermore, you can easily interact with your friends when watching content using its impressive online chat function.

The importance of this feature has grown to new heights due to coronavirus pandemic. This is because Australia is still recovering from the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, people are bound to follow different restrictions like self-isolation, social distancing, etc. appropriately.

Coming back to the point, you cannot avail this feature while watching a TV show or movie on your traditional TV sets. This small initiative of Netflix is causing a lot of issues for all the stakeholders related to the local Australian media industry.

Enjoy original content based on different genres

Unlike traditional TV channels, Netflix allows you to watch all the latest content based on various genres like comedy, romance, action, science-fiction, etc. But sadly, you do not have such an option when it comes to watching TV shows or movies via cable TV provider.

Besides, you cannot change the content of TV channels yourself. However, Netflix offers you this luxury to entertain yourself as per your preferences.

Taking all these factors into account, Netflix turns out to be a clear winner. Therefore, the local media TV channels will have to think on the same lines to compete with Netflix in the future.

Availability of additional features

Netflix is beating the local Australian TV channels and filmmakers on several fronts comprehensively. Some of these fronts are compatibility, simultaneous streams, etc.

For instance, Netflix is compatible with all the leading operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and Gaming Consoles too. Similarly, you can avail 4 simultaneous streams using Netflix’s Premium Plan available at $19.99/month.

Interestingly, Netflix enables parents to keep an eye on their children’s streaming activities. Recently, the service has launched an efficient feature by the name of the kids activity report. Adult subscribers can activate this feature and receive their kids’ streaming activities on their email inboxes from Netflix regularly.

The lack of multi-logins, compatibility, and kids’ activity report is making things quite difficult for the Australian TV channels and film industry.

Offline viewing

Offline viewing is another perk you can get while using Netflix on your preferred devices. This feature allows you to watch downloaded content without any hassle. If you cannot use your mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connection for any reason, you can still watch TV shows or movies if you have downloaded them on your devices already.

What is the Australian media industry doing to counter it?

Considering the popularity of Netflix in Australia, people like directors, actors and production crew related to local TV channels and film industry have joined hands with each other. Thus, they have recently launched a campaign, Make it Australian.

In this campaign, they have formally asked politicians and the government to come forward and rescue the local media industry from Netflix and other online streaming platforms.

Moreover, they also want the government to introduce new content guidelines that could support the local production of TV shows and movies. As a result, local content can play a vital role in promoting Australian culture in the international streaming market.

Wrapping Things Up

Summing up, Netflix has become a one-stop solution for viewers in Australia to watch movies, shows, documentaries, or any other media content accordingly. Therefore, it is high time for the local media industry to improve its performance on different domains, including story writing, direction, cast selection, etc.

The stakeholders should also negotiate with online media streaming services like Disney Plus, Prime Video to include Australian shows or movies in their respective libraries. This way, they can compete with Netflix and other foreign media services in the right direction. Otherwise, the local industry might not retain or improve its customer base in the future.

The whole scenario indicates that Netflix will continue to rule the Australian media industry as it will keep introducing innovative features to keep its subscribers engaged and entertained.