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Is online casino legal in Thailand?

Thailand is a famous country, and every day, many people visit the country, and it is one of the world’s most visited countries. Thailand has some of the best beautiful places in the world. But the tourist not only come to visit and see all the beauty. Sometimes they want to do some gambling. But recently, there has been some controversy and some talk about the whole gambling situation in Thailand. So some people think that if sports betting (Thai: แทงบอล) and other casinos are still available in Thailand. So if you are new to the online casino and searches for gambling sites in Thailand, then here are some things that you should know.

 Is gambling legal in Thailand?

Some people think that real gambling is allowed in Thailand, and some have a different thought. But Thailand government has managed to arrange a Thai lottery only on horse betting. There is no mentioning of แทงบอล and what so ever. The Thai government arranges the whole lottery twice every month. But don’t get confused about the lottery and gambling. Because both maybe look the same, but they are different. Most of Thailand people are Buddhist, and it is about 95%. So in their religion, gambling is a sin. So you don’t expect any gambling in Thailand. But still, some gambling casinos are around, but they are not open and public. But if you get caught, then you would be in trouble.

Gambling in Thailand

There is no land-based casino in Thailand because, as I have mentioned before, there are no laws in Thailand that support gambling. The Thailand government has banned all the land-based casinos under the act of 1935. Suppose anyone gets caught while gambling; they have to stay in prison for at least one year or pay 1000 baht. Also, the cash you use in the gambling will be seized.

Online casinos in Thailand

The land-based casino is banned in Thailand, so you can’t expect any online casino in Thailand. Online casino is also banned in Thailand, But there is a large number of people who still gamble online. But there are certain risks to that. Thailand government has to keep searching tracking all the online casino which has service in Thailand. But there are still some of the casinos out there, and people like to do แทงบอล on the sites. If you get caught while doing any gambling on any online casino, cybersecurity will take charges against you. So if you have some serious online gambling in Thailand, you should be careful and worried about when you will get caught.

Final verdict

Now you have the clear idea that you have no access to any online and offline casino in Thailand. But there are some ways where you can access the online casino and do some gambling. But this might cost you a lot if you get caught. So my best suggestion is that you don’t do gambling in Thailand and for the visitors, you should see all the beautiful things which Thailand has to offer. Don’t get into gambling while you are in Thailand. Gambling is prohibited in Thailand, and their religion also doesn’t support it. So if you get caught, they won’t think twice whether you are a foreigner or a local. They will press charges against you. So stay safe in Thailand and don’t get involved in gambling, or you will miss a great holiday. So be careful about gambling and all kinds of illegal stuff in Thailand and always remember one thing “it is better to be safe than sorry.”