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Is Social Media A Boon Or A Bane In The Present 2020?

Social media in the present world is a big thing that had brought done revolutionary changes in us. From the time odd their invention, these social media apps have proven to be really useful and productive.

But as the rule of nature goes, everything had its own bright and dark side. So when the question is about social media being a boon or a bane, I will say it is both. It depends on people if they take it for good purposes or for some useless work.

Here are the facts supporting both sides –

Why Is It A Boon?

  1. Grow Up As A Person

Social media is a place where you can grow up as a better person. Social media provides enough opportunities to you to completely discover yourself and be the real you.

Now the question is how is this possible? Here is the answer. Social media is a platform where one can open up himself, be expressive and creative. Various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more provide a stage where a person can discover himself. You must have heard about social media influencers. These are the people who discovered themselves on the platform and became the ones who can influence someone. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the real king and is far better than other platforms.

You can get creative on social media as well. These are the places where you post your pictures or share your feelings. People do this because sometimes writing is an easier task than talking. And thus they write up their feelings. And the best part is that there are people who will be present to share your joy and sorrows with you!

  1. Meet Others Like You

Social media is a complete world in itself. It is a vast platform that is used by millions of people out there and these people can prove to be your greatest friends.

As I already told, social media is a vast platform. It is the place where people of different cultures, characters, countries, and communities meet and greet. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a feature where you can add others as your friends out followers. And it is a really effective step for shy people. They can talk it out with other people and share their feelings.

There are millions of people who are shy and when two people of the same thinking meet, a mutual understanding is born. And it has been seen that this mutual understanding has helped many people change their attitude and become open-minded.

3.Helps In Marketing

Social media is one of the best platforms for marketing stuff. So we can say that those businessmen who want to reach out to a greater number of audience in a lesser amount of time can choose social media.

Social media is a big platform and is used by millions of active users from all over the world. This makes it an effective place for beginners to market and advertise their business. Through social media platforms, businessmen can acquire brand recognition and attract more and more customers. And social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide various features which help to increase contact with the followers and this helps in turn in the marketing stuff.

Social media provides a stage where you can directly contact the customers, discuss your plans and products with them, and ask for their reviews. This will help you in getting a better idea about what your products lack. You can also use your followers to do a marketing job while you focus on your business!

Why Is It A Bane?

  1. Scams And Fake People Are Common Now

In the boon part, I mentioned that social media is a vast platform where millions of people from different communities, countries, and characters meet. And while you can meet somebody like you to be friends, you are most likely to get fake people or scammers as well.

In fact, studies have shown that social media platforms are the hotspot of crime and come under cybercrime. Now the question is how can we consider it to be a bane for some crimes? You should know that cybercrimes are on a high for some years now. What are cybercrimes? The criminal acts conducted by people using electronic, digital and social media come under cybercrime. And the place which offers you, good friends, also gifts your sworn enemies.

Social media is a place where one can easily scam you for money or something else. But the worst case is where you are robbed of your feelings. When you contact someone through social media, you don’t get to see them face to face for a really long time, at least till you aren’t well known. And that time is enough for someone to scam you. And this is so painful that many choose the path of death!

  1. Wastage Of Time

This is the complaint of almost all parents out there, that their children remain completely busy in social media and forget everything else. And it is a true fact, to be honest.

While most people try to use various social media platforms for their benefits, there are many who come to the platforms as a hobby and end up wasting much odd their time every day. And these people mostly include teenagers. I don’t know why but most teenagers find Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be so interesting that you will find them completely immersed in mobile phones. This is a complete demerit as it leads to much of our useful time being wasted. Social media, for those who aren’t for career, should be used just for tunnels time pass only, and at the max, only two hours per day should be spent.

But that’s not happening! Hence social media is considered a bane by many.

So I think you get to know both the bright and dark sides of social media! Adios!