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ISIS calls for Halloween attacks with new twisted poster

  • The poster, released by Centre Médiatique An-Nûr, reads ‘enjoy their gathering’
  • Urges fellow fanatics to ‘terrorise October 31’ in a message written in French
  • The poster features an image of a bloodied machete imposed on the Eiffel Tower

ISIS has urged its supporters to carry out attacks on people celebrating Halloween tonight.

The terror cult has released a picture of a bloodied machete imposed on a picture of the Eiffiel Tower, with a message in French which reads: ‘Enjoy their gathering’.

Chilling, underneath that message it reads: ‘Terrorise October 31’.

The eerie message was published by the French ISIS group Centre Médiatique An-Nûr, which also publishes Daesh’s monthly Rumiyah magazine.

The poster includes a picture of a bloodied machete imposed on a picture of the Eiffiel Tower which reads ‘enjoy their gathering’ and ‘terrorise October 31’ 

The Rumiyah publication has openly called for and praised previously terror attacks, including incidents in London, Paris and Manchester.

In the past it has published a step-by-step guide on how to carry out terror attacks and is believed to have heavily influenced knife attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market earlier this year. 

Paris has been rocked by a number of deadly terror attacks in the past few years, including a series of coordinated attacks across the city which left 130 dead and dozens more injured in November 2015. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Millions of people across Europe are expected to celebrate Halloween, whether it be at parties involving large gatherings of people or trick-or-treaters taking to the streets.

ISIS has ramped up its calls for terror attacks in Europe after it has suffered devastating loses in Syria and Iraq, including in the de facto capital of Raqqa and the northern Iraqi city of Mosul earlier this year.   


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