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IT outsourcing Ukraine

Many companies are thinking of moving their tech team offshore. This is a competent decision. IT industry is developed in many countries. Moreover, the quality of services is not inferior to the American or Western European. One of the best options is IT outsourcing Ukraine. International cooperation allows us to put in place optimal solutions. There are several extra advantages to choosing outsourcing to Ukraine.

What can you count on?

IT companies in Ukraine are in serious competition with teams from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as America, India and China. Thanks to a good education, specialists prepare unique and practical solutions. The government is developing the technological ecosystem. Thus, engineers work with the most popular technologies, such as large scalable databases, AI and Blockchain.

All this allows software development companies in Ukraine to work at a high level. Crews collaborate with any project from local to world-class. The government also promotes international contracts. The simplification of tax legislation evidences this.

Advantages of Ukraine IT outsourcing companies

More than 200 thousand programmers work in the country. They are staffed by firms or are freelancers. At the same time, the level of skill fluctuates around 4 or 5 places in the world.

  • Here, customers can find employees to implement the project in all popular programming languages. According to statistics, the number of specialists exceeds Java – 18%, C # – 15%, JavaScript – 18%, PHP – 13%, Python – 12%.
  • There is excellent news for customers who create game content. Ukraine is in first place in the world in terms of the number of Unity3D and C ++ developers.
  • Businesses interested in e-commerce should also consider Ukrainian engineers as executors. The country ranks second in the world in the number of specialists working with Magento, JavaScript and Scala.
  • Foreign companies can get new solutions in the development of the web interface, as well as iOS and Android projects. The cross-platform and cross-browser layout makes it possible to reach the target audience as much as possible. This dramatically accelerates the return on investment.
  • More than 1500 IT companies have registered in the country. This means that any foreign client can legally conclude a contract with specialists. Clients are insured against professional errors at the state level. At the same time, firms are interested in maintaining a reputation. Therefore, most companies for each customer select an individual approach based on business intelligence.
  • Additional services in the form of UI / UX design, R & D, consulting, product quality testing increase the relevance of development.
  • Many Ukrainian IT brands have representative offices abroad. Including in the USA.
  • The technical community with the support of world titans (Microsoft, Apple, Skype, Oracle, Magento and others) organizes conferences for the exchange of experience.

More than 80% of staff speak excellent English. This removes all obstacles to communication with customers. You can also be sure that the terms of reference will be understood correctly. The absence of a language barrier also allows you to work together remotely.

Bottom line

If you have never cooperated with a foreign company at the stage of technical development, pay attention to Ukrainian outsourcing. To be entirely sure of the output, send applications for preliminary consultations to several crews. For example, the Mangosoft team will analyze your situation for free and give recommendations. When you receive first-hand information, it will become clear how to proceed.