Jacked-up pickup truck owner ignores woman’s warnings and drives over flooded ditch… then gets instant karma

The owner of a lifted Chevy pickup truck confidently drove straight into a ditch on a flooded dirt road in Texas, but was quickly caught out. 

A concerned bystander attempted to do her best to warn the driver but stood by and recorded the incident on her phone as he refused to take her advice.

At the start of the clip, the truck appears to plow through the deep puddle with no problem at all. 

But suddenly, the front end takes a dive into a massive trench concealed by the accumulated water. There was a giant splash before the truck completely stopped moving and got stuck in the mud.

‘I tried to tell him,’ the woman behind the camera said once it was clear the vehicle wasn’t going anywhere.

In this moment, the lifted Chevy appears to be chugging along just fine

The drama unfolded on April 27 in Kaufman County, just east of the Dallas-Forth Worth area.

A suspension lift kit is commonly added to trucks to get an elevated view of the road, according to a blog from a Chevy dealership in Georgia.

The next most common reason is to enable the vehicle to go off-road and avoid rocks, fallen logs and mud pits, the dealership said. 

Of course, Chevy trucks aren’t the only ones shown to have trouble in situations such as the one in the video.

Seconds later, it plunges into an unexpectedly deep ditch, rendering the vehicle stuck

Seconds later, it plunges into an unexpectedly deep ditch, rendering the vehicle stuck

Tesla’s new Cybertruck has been advertised as a vehicle that can drive off-road. 

The owner’s manual even has entire section dedicated to how drivers’ ought to prepare for off-roading.

But owners of the electric truck have had mixed experiences.

One video posted to YouTube showed the silver vehicle getting stuck trying to cross a California estuary. 

‘I would not take 100k truck in a river like that. First of all it’s electric so I’d worry about that, a commenter on the video wrote.

‘Second just because it has 1000 horsepower and tons of torque or whatever does not mean it can do anything.’

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