James Murdoch does not watch Fox News, refuses to watch Succession, and was sad Shepard Smith quit

Son of a …: James Murdoch reveals he does not watch Fox News, refuses to watch Succession, backs Mayor Pete Buttigieg and is ‘disappointed’ Shep Smith left the network at VF Summit

James Murdoch opened up about his old job, his new job, his family, friends, co-workers and politicians in a rare and lengthy appearance at the annual Vanity Fair Summit in California on Wednesday.

He also spoke about his television viewing habits these days, and right off the bat addressed the elephant in the room by telling the audience he has not seen Succession, the show that is loosely based on his family’s media empire.

‘There are some shows you just know you’re never going to watch,’ explained James to moderator Radhika Jones, the magazine’s editor.

He was far more blunt however later in the program when asked if her ever watched Fox News these days.

‘No,’ replied James.  

He did later note however that he was disappointed to see Shepard Smith leave the network earlier this month after a very public feud with fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson. 

Murdoch also cleared up a few misconceptions that people have about him during his appearance on Wednesday.

First, he addressed the reports that he left the family company only after learning he would not replace Bob Iger as CEO of Disney.

‘It was sort of moot—I took myself out of any consideration for a role there,’ said James when asked about his split fromt eh company.

This point was also ‘sort of moot’ on account of the fact that Iger did not want James succeeded him at the company.   



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