JamPlay Review – Best Platform for Learning Guitar?

When it comes to learning music, having strong basics is critical to become a better musician. If you are planning to learn a musical instrument, such as guitar, it is important that you have a good understanding of the scales and chords. JamPlay is a common choice among many music enthusiasts searching for top guitar lessons online. The course offers a decent song collection, highly-skilled guitar instructors, multiple genres, and over a thousand video guitar classes. In this article, we will have a closer look at this program. Here is the JamPlay review.

Things We Like About JamPlay

Designed for Thorough Learning:

Top-class instructors teach you through each subject, strategy, styles, and techniques you need to learn. Every video allows you to replay in slow motion and accompanies circling abilities. What’s more, you never need to stress over losing your place as it features automatic progress tracking.

A Huge Library of Popular Songs:

When you subscribe to the JamPlay membership, you also get access to thousands of old and new popular songs. Harmony sheets, tabs, and backing tracks make learning simple and let you jam along. Sit back, relax, and look forward to practicing with JamPlay!

Highly Skilled Instructors:

Any course is meaningless without a good coach. JamPlay offers some of the top-class and skilled instructors to teach guitar. You’ll learn from instructors who have played along with some of the greatest musicians and artists of all times. Masterclasses give you knowledge into their various playing styles, eventually making you a better guitarist.

Live Streams:

Instructors featured on JamPlay also conduct live streams every week where you can track along, learn and communicate. If, by any chance, you can’t make it to a live stream, no issues! JamPlay keeps all of their live streams archived giving you the access to long hours of learning—and peace of mind.


A new feature has recently been added to the JamPlay course membership where the toolkit gives you access to 75-100 unique items which are focused on a specific genre or skill set. Items include backing tracks, video tutorials, guided practices, etc. With the help of a toolkit, students can easily learn a new skill set without any hassle.

Interactive Approach:

With the JamPlay membership, instructors and students can easily interact with each other. Instructors also give answers to the questions on the forum and are available for more than 8 hours every day for live Q&A sessions.

That said, there is one thing you need to watch out for while opting for the JamPlay membership, and that is: JamPlay does not follow a particular set of structure from the beginning till the end. However, you can easily find out all the sessions and classes taught by the instructor to practice easily. Also, note that JamPlay’s one-on-one interactive session comes at an additional charge.

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