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Janitorial Jobs in 2021

2020 has been a tough year for many industries. Businesses have seen a decline in business due to the pandemic. There have also been industries that have seen a major boom in business.

Commercial cleaning services have not only seen a rise in business but they’ve seen a rise in importance in the public eye. Janitorial services haven’t often been referred to as “essential” but with the increasing need for cleanliness, people are seeing just how essential the cleaning services are.

There’s An Increase In Demand And Investments

Over the past year, there has been an increase in demand for janitorial positions. On some search engines, the demand has been as high as 75% compared to previous years.

The need for commercial cleaning and janitorial services comes from updated safety protocols in chains across the globe. Grocery stores, hotels, office buildings, and many other businesses are in need of more intensive cleaning due to the pandemic.

This increase in demand has also hurt some smaller cleaning companies who haven’t had the funds to keep up with the growing need for more cleaning products. This has led customers to cancel their contracts with some companies in order to take their business to a commercial cleaning outfit who have been able to afford all of the extra products and staff needed.

More Facilities Need To Be Deep Cleaned

Many building managers are increasing the frequency in which their buildings are being cleaned. This is helping with the commercial cleaning and janitorial supplies boom. Companies that might have wanted a cleaning service a couple of times a week have now updated it to every day.

COVID-19 is spread mostly through spit debris from the mouth of someone carrying the virus, as well as skin to skin contact, but it can also stay on different surfaces, sometimes for hours. With the proper cleaning supplies it isn’t hard to get clean surface areas, but there are many that are being used multiple times a day.

Areas like doorknobs and desks are being touched constantly and the need for cleaners to come in like clockwork to disinfect those high-risk areas has been massive during these times.

This might well become the new norm form the cleaning business. There doesn’t seem to be an end to COVID-19, so now it seems that many companies have changed the question to “how do we live with virus safely?”

The answer seems to be an ever-growing need for cleaners, and suppliers of the best disinfectants in the market. Keeping people at a safe distance and ensuring that all surface areas are spick and span seems to be the best answer to combatting this virus.

The Spike In Business Might Last Longer Than We Think

More labor for crews means more manpower and more hours. This might not just be a temporary thing. It’s a 117 billion dollar industry that is only growing. There are currently over 24 million janitorial workers in the US, and the demand continues to increase.

The days of people taking commercial cleaners and janitorial workers for granted seems to have come and gone. The coronavirus continued to be a threat, and we don’t know just how long that will last.

The goal isn’t just to get the numbers of lower, or even gone, the goal is longevity. The cleaning doesn’t stop the minute cases begin to decline. The new age of cleaning might be here to stay.

Better Equipment Is Being Implemented All The Time

With a rise in demand for cleaners, comes the implementation of better cleaning equipment. The electrostatic sprayer seems to be the face of the pandemic cleaning world. This new technology looks like a plastic gun and operates upwards of 70 percent more efficiently than a spray bottle.

The electrostatic sprayer is among many new technologies that are improving the way cleaners get the job done. The idea is to be fast and efficient. The more we learn about the coronavirus, the more we can implement better technologies that are safer and more accurate.

The New Cleaning Standards Battle More Than Just COVID

These new cleaning procedures don’t only meet the CDC guidelines for COVID but also for influenza, which kills around 60,000 Americans per year. These new cleaning standards are going to continue to benefit people and workers.

The more offices and other buildings are cleaned, the more work cleaners get, and the more productivity those businesses receive. Now people are feeling better, they’re less anxious, and they’re less likely to miss work.

These new standards could very well be here to stay. The cleaning business, which has always been important, is now acting as the backbone of society. The work being performed is helping people stay healthy mentally and physically.

Keeping people safe, and adding more positions all the time. These new standards have a lot to offer.