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Jared O’Mara ‘watched bouncers give a woman a black eye’

Jared O’Mara (pictured) has been suspended by the Labour Party after making sexist comments on the internet 

A woman claims bouncers at disgraced MP Jared O’Mara’s nightclub left her with a black eye after she argued with him. 

Liz Aspden, 42, said the Labour MP got his staff members to eject her and her friend after she complained about him kicking her coat across the floor.

She claims one of the bouncers even struck her in the face when the pair were told to leave the West Street Live club in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. 

The allegation comes after the MP was suspended by the party after he posted racist, sexist and homophobic comments online.  

Mr O’Mara, 35, made sexual comments about ‘teenage girls’ and the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on the internet.  

On Tuesday, a bar worker claimed Mr O’Mara called her an ‘ugly b****’ after they went on a date just months before he was elected to Parliament. He denies making the comment. 

The Sun also reports the Labour Party covered up some allegations regarding Mr O’Mara for more than a month. 

According to the paper, party chiefs were made aware of his online posts in September, despite a spokesman claiming they knew nothing until this week.   

Ms Aspden, a local pub owner, told The Sun: ‘Jared walked over and deliberately kicked it (my coat) out of the way. I asked what he was playing at.

‘He took one look at me with arrogance and contempt, didn’t say a word, then summoned the bouncers over. My friend came to see what the fuss was about and the bouncers grabbed both of us. 

‘I was manhandled out of the club. I got hit in the face and ended up with a black eye. I don’t know whether it was deliberate or an accident but it hurt a lot. I felt shocked and shaken up.’

She later contacted police and reported the alleged assault.    

The local pub boss added: ‘They spoke to me a few days later and asked what I wanted to do.

Liz Aspden, 42, said a bouncer hit her after she was told to leave the West Street Live club in Sheffield (pictured)

Liz Aspden, 42, said a bouncer hit her after she was told to leave the West Street Live club in Sheffield (pictured)

‘I thought they had better things to do than deal with than some arrogant club owner so I said I wouldn’t press charges.’

Mr O’Mara’s office declined requests to comment when approached by the paper

However, in June he reportedly said he ‘didn’t know anything’ about Ms Aspden being punched.   

It comes after singer and actress Sarah Harding branded Mr O’Mara’s joke about having an orgy with Girls Aloud ‘vile’ and ‘obscene’.

The singer slammed him over his quip that Harding should be sacked so that he could have sex with the rest of the band.

He has already been suspended by Labour after senior members pressured the party to act over internet hate.

Harding blasted: ‘His comments are vile and obscene. Whether he made them yesterday or several years ago, the fact remains they were made by a person who is now in high office.’


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