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JB Hi-Fi accused of using warehouse store design to trick customers

From handwritten signs to concrete floors: The ‘hacks’ JB Hi-Fi use to make customers think they are spending less

  • TikTok duo Mason and Mai accused JB hi-Fi of manipulating thrifty customers 
  • They said the design of the stores tricks people into thinking they are saving
  • Specifically concrete floors, warehouse layout, and handwritten signs mislead

A thrifty couple has shared how JB Hi-Fi’s layout tricks customers into thinking they’re spending less.

TikTok duo Mason and Mai shared the video claiming JB Hi-Fi used handwritten signs, concrete floors, a warehouse-style layout, and stacked products to manipulate customers.

They said JB Hi-Fi’s layout gave the store a cheaper ‘wholesale’ feel.

Mason and Mai accused JB Hi-Fi of using handwritten signs, warehouse layout, concrete floors, and stacked products to trick customers

‘We like shopping around for a good deal and noticed we generally go to JB Hi-Fi first,’ they told Daily Mail Australia.

‘When we walk in, all those factors combined makes it “feel” like we are in a wholesale warehouse so that influences our shopping behaviours. 

‘It’s gotten us a few times, only for us to realise better deals could be found at other places.’

However, not everyone in the comments was so sure about the couple’s ‘hack’.

Several said they google their wishlist before buying while others poked fun. 

‘Doesn’t everyone just google the price of everything first? There’s no trickery involved,’ one wrote.

‘Thank god for those concrete floors, otherwise I wouldn’t buy anything,’ another commenter joked.

‘Wait till you see what Bunnings is like,’ another added.

‘How’s that trickery? You can still read the price, this doesn’t change the number,’ another wrote.

Mason and Mai shared several other money saving ‘hacks’ and life advice including how to make soft serve ice cream at home and scoring hotel freebies.

Mason and Mai shared a video on Friday that revealed the secret ways JB hi-Fi manipulates customers

Mason and Mai shared a video on Friday that revealed the secret ways JB hi-Fi manipulates customers

The chain worked its way to being the seventh-largest electronics and appliance retailer in the world by using low-cost operation techniques – including the simple store design.

Shops feature plain floors, simple shelving, and handwritten pricing and displays. 

By using ‘dense displays’ and ‘compact’ store designs, the company is able to save money and reduce prices on its products and offer better training programs to new employees.

Daily Mail Australia contacted JB Hi-Fi for comment.