Jeffrey Barry killed Kurd flatmate and removed penis

A schizophrenic who boasted about killing his Kurdish flatmate stabbed him 25 times and cut off his penis an hour after telling social workers he ‘could not be held responsible for his actions’, a court heard.

Jeffrey Barry, 56, harboured a racist hatred for Kamil Ahmad, as well as reporting to police that Ahmad was a fraud and a rapist, Bristol Crown Court was told.

He had told carers he wanted to kill members of the public and be ‘notorious’, with Ahmad ‘top of his list’.

Just six weeks later, Ahmad was stabbed to death at the multi-occupancy house for adults who need support, where they both lived.

Barry pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, but entered a guilty plea to manslaughter, on the grounds of diminished responsibility based on his mental health. 

Kamil Ahmad was stabbed to death last year by Jeffrey Barry at the multi-occupancy house for adults who need support, where they both lived

The defendant had previously made several threats to kill his victim, and on May 24, 2016, had told social workers that Ahmad was on the ‘top of his list’ of people to kill.

Barry had woken his victim in the early hours of July 7 last year by knocking on the door of his room at their shared home in Bristol.

He had then disappeared into Ahmad’s room and emerged 40 minutes later covered in blood, it was said. 

The court was told how Kurdish-born Ahmad was discovered by police having suffered multiple stab wounds, including over 25 to the face, and having had his penis cut off.

A court heard six weeks before, Barry told support workers he wanted to be ‘notorious’ and kill members of the public – and that Ahmad was at the top of his list.

Less than an hour before Barry had told a community psychiatric nurse he was ‘clinically insane’ and ‘could not be held responsible for his actions’, it was said.

On the night of Ahmad’s death Barry had just returned to his home from a stay a hospital in Bristol.

He had been taken to the psychiatric ward after displaying ‘peculiar And highly sexualised’ behaviour at his own home, including wandering around naked and performing sex acts in communal areas, prosecutor Adam Vaitilingam said.

After returning home at 5.40pm on July 6, Barry went out drinking for several hours at two bars in Bristol.

He then returned home before midnight, and just after 1am emerged from his room and made a phone call to a community psychiatric nurse Joanne Wood, from the hospital.

Miss Wood, who said she had had no previous dealings with Barry, said he told her he had drunk a litre of rum, and he ‘felt like punching an Asian man in his building.’

She also said Barry was behaving in a very sexually disinhibited way towards her, and described himself as “a very sexual person.”

She said: ‘He was initially calm, but as the phone call went on his speech became more rapid and pressured, and grew louder – which sounded angry.

‘I told him it wasn’t okay to punch someone because he felt like it, and he told me he was clinically insane and couldn’t be held responsible, and quickly hung up.’

Mr Vaitilingam QC added that Ahmad’s immediate neighbour, Anthony Brink, heard Barry knocking on Ahmad’s door that night, followed by the sounds of screaming and fighting.

The court heard that Barry then called the police and told them what he had done.

He was subsequently arrested and held in custody in Keynsham, as well as treated in hospital for lacerations to his hand – as a result of the blade he had used on Ahmad. 

The trial continues. 

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