Jeffrey Epstein offers to remain at his $77M mansion, hire armed guards if he is released on bail

Jeffrey Epstein agrees to house arrest at his $77M mansion with armed guards, electronic monitor and sizable bond if released on bail, while urging court not to discriminate because of his wealth

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers submitted a letter to Judge Richard Berman on Thursday stating their client would agree to 14 conditions if released on bail 
  • These include house arrest at his NYC mansion, wearing an electronic monitor, installing security cameras and hiring armed guards 
  • He also agreed to pay a bond in ‘an amount set by the court after reviewing additional information regarding Mr. Epstein’s finances’  

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein informed Judge Richard M Berman that their client would agree to house arrest at his $77 million Manhattan mansion if released on bail ahead of his trial.

That was one of 14 conditions spelled out in the letter, which the defense was ordered to submit by noon ahead of Judge Berman’s ruling on Monday.

Epstein’s lawyers said that their client would also install surveillance cameras inside and outside the mansion, wear electronic monitoring with a global positioning system,’ and have no one ‘enter the residence, other than Mr. Epstein and his attorneys.’

There was no mention of whom he could contact on his phone however, and while he agreed to a bond it has long been difficult to assess his net worth.

The lawyers stated that the bond would be in ‘an amount set by the court after reviewing additional information regarding Mr. Epstein’s finances, which Mr. Epstein will seek the court’s permission to provide via sealed supplemental disclosure.’

It was also noted: ‘Mr. Epstein stands ready and willing to pay for 24-hour armed guards should the Court deem it necessary or appropriate.’ 

Seeking release: Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers submitted a letter to Judge Richard Berman on Thursday stating their client would agree to 14 conditions if released on bail (Epstein outside his mansion in 2019)

Federal prosecutors will have a chance to respond to this filing on Friday, and in a previously filed bail memorandum asked that Epstein be kept behind bars ahead of his trial.

He is currently at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Manhattan, the same facility that is currently housing the Mexican drug lord El Chapo. 

Judge Berman will make his ruling on Monday.

‘In essence, the government seeks to remand a self-made New York native and lifelong American resident based on dated allegations for which he was already convicted and punished – conduct the relitigation of which is barred by a prior federal nonprosecution agreement,’ wrote Epstein’s lawyer Reid Weingarten in his submission. 

‘The government makes this drastic demand even though Mr. Epstein has never once attempted to flee the United States – despite a Florida federal judge’s stated belief that he could void the NPA in appropriate circumstances, possibly threatening new charges there, and notwithstanding legally erroneous government assertions in ancillary litigation that Mr. Epstein was subject to potential prosecution in other federal judicial districts, including this one specifically.’ 

The letter also praises Epstein’s rise to riches from humble beginnings, while stressing his inability to speak any foreign languages.

‘Mr. Epstein, 66, is a U.S. citizen who’s lived his entire life in this country. Born and bred in Coney Island, he worked his way up from humble origins – his father was a New York City municipal employee in the Parks Department – and earned every penny he’s made with nothing more than a high school diploma,’ stated Weingarten at one point. 

‘He speaks only English and knows no other languages. He owns no foreign businesses and holds no foreign bank accounts. Five of the six residences he maintains are located here in America. His brother, niece, and nephew all live here too.’