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Jetstar passenger claims flight attendant called his family ‘terrorist-looking people’

Jetstar passenger claims flight attendant on trip to Bali branded his family ‘terrorist-looking people’ and kicked them off the flight after he requested an upgrade

  • Indian family booted off flight
  • Claim incident left them devastated 
  • Jetstar has denied allegations made 
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A dad has recalled the devastating moment he and his whole family were booted off a plane and allegedly called his dad a ‘terrorist looking person.’

Brisbane businessman Harry Singh and his family travelled to Bali to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday.

But their dream holiday was ruined after an alleged comment by a Jetstar cabin crew member towards his father, a claim that the airline strenuously denies.

‘She said, get that terrorist looking person off the plane now,’ Mr Singh told Seven News.

The alleged incident has also had a devastating impact on Mr Singh’s wife Manka (pictured)

‘I had no words for that. I’ve been broken.’

Mr Singh’s wife Manka recalled the same words.

She was left so devastated by the ordeal that she has since returned to India.

‘I don’t know if I’m welcomed there any more,’ Ms Singh said.

‘It’s changed the way I perceive my life in Australia altogether.’

Mr Singh also claimed a supervisor screamed across the airport terminal at him after he asked multiple times for an upgrade to business class and a bassinet for his daughter on the flight.

‘I challenge Jetstar to provide any evidence that my behaviour was inappropriate.’

Jetstar has denied allegations made by the family (stock image)

Jetstar has denied allegations made by the family (stock image)

Jetstar has denied the allegations and claimed the family were kicked off the flight for being verbally abusive towards airline staff. 

The airline also claims the incident happened last year and that the passenger wasn’t allowed to board after he repeatedly yelled abuse and swearing at our crew at the boarding gate.

‘Occasionally our crew need to make difficult judgement calls on the ground in order to prevent incidents in the air. This situation is one example of that,’ a spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia

‘The passenger and his family were denied boarding after becoming verbally abusive towards our crew. 

‘We categorically deny that it was due to any reason other than safety.

‘Our crew were professional at all times and did not use the language they have been accused of using.

‘The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority and we have zero tolerance for any form of abusive or disruptive behaviour.

The airline added the bassinet requested for Mr Singh’s daughter hadn’t been booked prior to the flight and was not available on the aircraft.

The businessman alleged a Jetstar crew member called his family terrorist looking people' (stock image of a Jetstar plane)

The businessman alleged a Jetstar crew member called his family terrorist looking people’ (stock image of a Jetstar plane)

The latest Jetstar saga comes comes days after police stormed a plane and tasered a passenger who failed to sit in his assigned seat  

Bolic Bet Malou, 30, was charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting a police officer and obstructing a public officer after allegedly becoming abusive on the flight.

He claims he had received ‘consent’ from another customer to swap so he could move next to his wife and one-year-old son.