Jewellery designer furious after claiming her ‘unique’ necklace was ‘copied’ by a major brand – but many are far from sympathetic

A jewellery designer has been left fuming after claiming a star piece from her new range was ‘blatantly copied’. 

Grace Tooze, the founder of Australian brand Lovestuck Lou, said she was heartbroken after finding a similar heart necklace advertised by a large accessory company for $39.95. Her version is $170.

‘The disappointment and frustration I feel knowing I have put so much energy and time and unique design into this collection just to be copied,’ she ranted on TikTok.

Grace has been in business for 18 months and said the sold-out Lewie necklace was her best selling item and the signature piece of her most recent collection. 

She said that her life revolves around the brand and that she had poured her life savings, energy and spare time into her products. 

Grace Tooze shows off her ‘signature’ Lewie necklace 

The ‘original’ gold necklace has her brand’s logo in the centre and is anchored on either side of the hear instead of at the top.

The one she believes is a copy has a hole through the centre of the heart – so the pendant acts more like a bead. It is also missing the logo.

People were quick to slam the young business woman who claimed she had ‘never been so heartbroken’.

‘Does it do anything special? I’m sorry but I don’t think you can claim they copied you,’ one woman said.

‘This is the most unoriginal design I have seen in my life. BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS? you got a heart and put chains either side what are you on about?,’ one woman wrote.

‘Was fully ready to support until I saw it was a generic heart design,’ said another.

Others picked on her argument that the design was unique.

She says this competitors necklace is too similar

She says this competitors necklace is too similar 

‘I have a necklace like this from Michael hill bought when I was 14/15 – so 2017? It’s a very basic design,’ one woman said.


A third said: ‘I have one identical to that which was given to me by my grandma in 1990.’

But other small business owners backed her up.

‘Scream it for all us small biz gals who have been duped by the big guys.’ one said.

‘Omg girl yes I don’t know if I am delulu or not but I have a small business and have seen the exact same product in many large retail stores with the same.’

Grace took the opportunity to advertise her necklace for ‘pre-sale’ in the comments – as it is currently out of stock as their best seller.

Dozens of people revealed they would be ordering the original $170 necklace from her site.