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Jio lottery winner- the game that is all about luck

The game that has been getting much hyped since it was introduced in the most famous show of India, Kaun Banega Crorepati. The Jio lottery winner is the chance that residents of India get to win amount ranging from 10 lac to 25 lacs. Now change your life within a few minutes through this game. The Jio network is giving a shot to its customers to live their dreams and become a millionaire by just believing on luck k. If you own jio network number than you can easily avail the possibility of winning 25 lacs.

All you need to know about jio lottery winner program

Are you hustling day and night but still not able to make enough money to start your own business? For people such as yourself, here is an easy and simple way to be a millionaire and finally start that business. There is no age limit to participate in the game, if you occupy the jio mobile number, your name must be included in lucky draw. To collect jio lottery number, make a call to Kaun Banega Crorepati head office. The number of helpline is +1 (918) 844-4111. You might also receive lottery number through sms, in that case, send the number to KBC whats app and ensure if this is you lottery number. The best part about jio lottery game show is that no registration or submission of fee is requires. Now you can be a millionaire without having to pay a penny.

If you are a fan of KBC game show then make sure you stick to the end of the game as winners are announced on the show as well by the host, the Amitabh Bachan.

KBC Lucky winner 2019

The new season of Kaun Banega crorepati will be commencing soon, do not miss a chance to be KBC lucky winner 2019 of 25 lacs. All you need to do is keep recharging your jio number, the more you recharge, the more there is a chance that you will win. The lucky draw is held daily so make sure you keep visiting the official website of KBC show, the list of winners is given on the website and updates every day. You can also check last years winner, the jio lottery winner 2019 list on the website.

Sit back and pray for your luck.

Once you receive the lottery number and maintain recharging the jio sim number, just sit back and let the luck make you rich. Become a millionaire has never been easier, it can take you years of handwork to win a massive amount of 25 lac INR but with jio lottery winner game you can have this amount in your bank account at any time and any day whenever your luck worked.

Do not be a prey of scam.

Are you receiving SMS asking for registration and submitting a fee to win the prize? If sothe report the number immediately. As it was mentioned before, the only intention of jio lottery winner game show is to help people win the prize that can change their lives, no personal benefit is attached to lottery winning game. Hence any such call or SMS you receive is fake. To confirm your number contact only on KBC Number 00191 88444111


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