Joaquin Buckley produced one of the most spectacular knockouts in UFC history

Joaquin Buckley’s knockout of Impa Kasangany has been dubbed the ‘craziest’ in UFC history, but KO kings Jorge Masvidal, Yair Rodriguez and Francis Ngannou might disagree… so who does take the title?

  • Joaquin Buckley has become a viral sensation after his knockout on Saturday
  • Amercian finished Impa Kasangany with a jumping spinning back kick
  • Many fans have labelled it the most spectacular UFC finish of all time 

Joaquin Buckley produced one of the most incredible knockouts in UFC history after a jumping spinning kick put a devastating end to his fight with Impa Kasanganay on Fight Island on Saturday night. 

It was a very even contest in Abu Dhabi when Kasanganay grabbed hold of Buckley’s ankle midway through the second round.  

Buckley responded in stunning fashion, showcasing unbelievable technique as he spun to his left and delivered a brutal heel kick to the face to bring the bout to an abrupt close.

Joaquin Buckley performed a stunning knockout of Impa Kasanganay with a brutal spin kick

The finish sent both the commentary team and Buckley’s camp into a frenzy and quickly went viral on social media, many fans dubbing it the ‘craziest’ knockout ever. 

It’s hard to argue with them but there is certainly competition for that honour.

Here, Sportsmail looks at the most spectacular UFC knockouts of all time. 

Yair Rodriguez on Chan Sung Jung – R5, 04:59 (2018) 

This was one of the most creative, bizarre and jaw-dropping KOs we have ever seen.

Rodriguez and Jung had fought for 24 minutes and 59 seconds of the 25-minute main event showdown when the Mexican produced something that had to be watched in slow motion to truly understand what had just happened.

Down on the cards against his featherweight opponent, he spread his arms to invite Sung Jung into one last flurry, then at the last second dropped his head and threw and elbow from beneath himself, catching ‘Korean Zombie’ on the chin and snatching an incredible win with one second remaining. 

Francis Ngannou on Alistair Overeem – R1, 01:42 (2017) 

When it comes to the most devastating finish of all time, it really is hard to look past this one. 

Ngannou had already garnered a reputation as a feared knockout artist before he was handed the toughest test of his career in the form of MMA veteran Overeem. 

And he would go on to get Joe Rogan and the rest of the arena out of their seats as he caught Overeem early with a thunderous left uppercut that looked for a moment as if it might send his head into orbit.  

The Dutchman was out could well before he hit the mat, Ngannou solidifying his spot as the most powerful puncher in the sport and many viewers somewhat terrified by what they had just witnessed.

Anderson Silva on Vitor Belfort – R, 3:25 (2011)

It was supposed to be Silva’s toughest test to date as far as striker vs striker match-ups go.

Fellow Brazilian Belfort was in his prime and entered on a three-fight knockout streak over Rich Franklin, Matt Lindland and Terry Martin.

The atmosphere was electric and Silva would reaffirm his place as one of the biggest stars in the sport with the most iconic KO of his storied career. 

With both men standing in front of each other in the centre of the octagon, Silva would catch his Brazilian compatriot with a vicious disguised front kick to the face. 

Now known as the ‘Spider Kick’, Belfort folded to the mat and was stopped for the very first time. 

Edson Barboza on Terry Etim – R3, 2:02 (2012) 

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing entry on this list.  

Former Muay-Thai kickboxer Barboza produced one for the highlights reel that you can simply never tire of watching again and again. 

It was the first spinning wheel kick KO in the UFC and poor Etim’s lights were out the moment Barboza’s heel connected with his chin. 

Jorge Masvidal on Ben Askren – R1, five seconds (2019) 

Few KOs captured the fans’ attention like Masvidal’s five-second KO of Askren.

It was a highly-anticipated fight with both men trading plenty of barbs before stepping in the cage.

But it was all over in the blink of an eye. Masvidal charged towards the wrestler who instinctively bent down to go for a takedown.

Knowing this would be Askren’s response, Masvidal jumped up and landed a flying knee to the head, rendering his opponent unconscious and sending social media into overdrive.