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John Bolton’s own deputy demands he pull $2 million tell-all book

John Bolton’s former deputy thinks he should hold his tell-all book on Donald Trump’s White House until after the November election as the president’s allies go on the attack, calling Bolton a ‘backstabber’ for his tome.

‘The best thing here would be Ambassador Bolton to pull this book until Mr. Trump leaves office or at least until after the election in November,’ Fred Fleitz, Bolton’s former chief of staff, told Fox News Monday night.

‘I believe that the concept that presidents have to be able to confide in their national security advisers and be able to knock around ideas – this is extremely important. We want the president to consult the best possible advisers and know that whatever he discusses with them isn’t going to appear in press or in books,’ he added.  

And Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, blasted Bolton as a ‘backstabber.’

The former New York City mayor told The Washington Post he regretted recommending Bolton to President Trump for the National Security Adviser job.

The president, Giuliani said, ‘never really trusted the Backstabber’s judgment. He was right and I was wrong because ironically I supported him for the job.’

An unconcerned Bolton was seen leaving his Bethesda, Maryland, home Tuesday, while his book reached the Amazon top 10 list almost two months before its publication – suggesting the $2 million deal he struck may become a conservative estimate of his earning potential.

Money in the bag? John Bolton seemed untroubled by being called a backstabber as he left his Bethesda, Maryland, home. Despite not being due out for just short of two months it is already a top 10 Amazon best-seller

John Bolton's former deputy Fred Fleitz told Fox News he thinks Bolton should hold his tell-all book on Donald Trump's White House until after the November election

John Bolton’s former deputy Fred Fleitz told Fox News he thinks Bolton should hold his tell-all book on Donald Trump’s White House until after the November election

Rudy Giuliani blasted John Bolton as a ‘back stabber’

The president’s allies have been piling on Bolton since The New York Times revealed his memoir – ‘In the Room Where It Happened’ – recounts how Trump told him he was with holding U.S. aid to the Ukraine until the country agreed to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump has denied the claim.  

Another former White House official charged Bolton with writing the book while serving in the Trump White House.

‘I’m convinced he was writing all the time’ he served as national security adviser, the person told The Post, describing Bolton as a workaholic who rarely socialized.

Bolton was fired from the White House in September and his book is scheduled to come out on March 17, which is a fast turn around time.  

Adding to the piling on, Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs criticized Bolton on his show Monday night, noting Bolton shares a literary agency – Javelin – with former FBI director James Comey, who has been critical of the president.

‘As you watch what is happening here with Bolton, the ‘New York Times,’ their combined literary agent they share with James Comey, various attorneys and lawyers, this has been a concerto that has been put together and performed by Bolton. I never thought I would see that fella descend to this depth,’ Dobbs said.

‘He has decided to do a deep dive as an expedient tool of the radical Dems and the left in this country. I cannot tell you how profoundly disappointed I am to find the man’s character is so shallow if not all together absent. It’s just stunning to see,’ Dobbs added.

Lou Dobbs said John Bolton was an 'expedient tool of the radical Dem'

Lou Dobbs said John Bolton was an ‘expedient tool of the radical Dem’


John Bolton makes a series of bombshell claims in his book, according to the part of the manuscript seen by the New York Times. 

They are: 

  • Trump told Bolton in August 2019 that he would not release military aid to the Ukraine until they investigated the Bidens and claims of trying to intervene in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton  
  • Mike Pompeo privately admitted that Rudy Giuliani’s claims Marie Yovanovitch were corrupt were baseless – and that he suspected they were being made to help other Giuliani clients
  • Bolton warned White House lawyers that he feared Giuliani was using his work with the president to help his private clients 
  • Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff, was present at least once when Trump and Giuliani discussed Yovanovitch. Mulvaney has told ‘associates’ he stepped away from such conversations 
  • Pompeo told Bill Barr that he was mentioned in the July call with Zelensky. The Justice Department claims Barr did not know until mid-August 
  • Trump railed about Ukraine trying to ‘damage’ him in May 2019 when he met Ron Johnson, a Republican senator who was going to Zelensky’s inauguration. And Trump also mentioned the conspiracy theory that Ukraine had a hacked Democratic server 
  • Bill Barr expressed concerns about Trump doing personal favors for autocrats including China’s Xi and Turkey’s Erdogan when Bolton raised the issue with him 

Javelin partner Matt Latimer responded to Dobbs via Twitter, writing: ‘Dear @LouDobbs, you forgot to list some other notable @JavelinDC clients: Don Rumsfeld, Tucker, numerous GOP officeholders, @mikepillsbury, conservative organizations, oh, and you! Are you part of the conspiracy?’

Conservatives and Trump allies have questioned the timing of the leak of the manuscript to The New York Times, which came as the president’s lawyers were presenting his defense in his impeachment trial.

The details from the book have restarted talk of a witness deal on Capitol Hill, where Democrats would get Bolton to testify and Republicans could call Hunter Biden. 

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell has pushed for a speedy trial without witnesses but Democrats need four Republicans to side with them to call witnesses and Bolton’s book could swing enough votes their way. 

‘If we get the witnesses it will be a one for one or two for two,’ Republican Sen. John Barrasso told reporters in the Capitol on Monday.

Republican senators Mitt Romney and Pat Toomey have taken the lead on the talks.  

Democrats have wanted to hear from Bolton for months and Republicans have countered they will need to hear from Hunter Biden, who sat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president. Trump and some of his allies have pushed the unfounded allegation that Joe Biden tried to stop an investigation of that company when he was vice president. 

Romney and Susan Collins – two crucial votes in the Democrats’ quest to bring more witnesses in the trial – said Monday morning it’s important to hear from Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser.

They also both said they have spoken with their colleagues about the topic, which could be seen as a warning to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell that support is there for such a move. 

Democrats need four Republican senators to cross to their side and vote to subpoena witnesses. 

‘It’s increasingly apparent that it would be important to hear from John Bolton,’ Romney told reporters on Capitol Hill Monday. 

A one-for-one witness deal would see Hunter Biden testify

A one-for-one witness deal would see Hunter Biden testify


John Bolton becoming a best-seller weeks before his book can even be bought marks another multi-million dollar success for Keith Urbahn, the Washington D.C. literary agent who has turned the Trump era into an earning opportunity for spurned insiders.

His Javelin literary agency signed the biggest name to talk so far, James Comey, whose book A Higher Loyalty discussed his firing by Trump.

But he also turned an unknown White House inside, Cliff Sims, into a best seller with Team of Vipers, which painted a picture of a chaotic and vindictive West Wing from inside. 

And the ultimate unknown insider, Anonymous, published his book A Warning through Javelin, and has still to be unmasked.

Journalists have also been part of the Trump-inspired Urbahn book, with A Very Stable Genius by two Washington Post  reporters currently second on the Amazon bestsellers list – with Bolton at number 10.

And so too have Trump’s enemies, with Joe Walsh, the one-time Tea Party congressman who is now running against the president in the Republican primaries, due to published a new book next month called F*ck Silence: Calling Trump Out for the Cultish, Moronic Authoritarian Con Man He Is.

It is unlikely to win Urbahn friends in the Trump inner circle – but he may not care; as soon as any one of them decides to spill the beans, he is now Washingtonians’ first call when they quit and have a story to tell.  

‘I of course will make a final decision on witnesses after we hear not only from the prosecution but from the defense,’ he said. ‘I think at this stage it’s fair to say John Bolton has a relevant testimony.’

He added that he expected other Republicans to join the call for Bolton to testify. 

‘I think it’s increasingly likely that other Republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton,’ he said. ‘I have spoken with others who have opined upon this.’

Bolton has said he will testify if subpoenaed by the Senate.   

Collins also said she was leaning toward voting for witnesses.  

‘From the beginning, I’ve said that in fairness to both parties the decision on whether or not to call witnesses should be made after both the House managers and the president’s attorneys have had the opportunity to present their cases. I’ve always said that I was likely to vote to call witnesses just as I did in the 1999 Clinton trial,’ she said in a statement Monday.

‘The reports about John Bolton’s book strengthen the case for witnesses and have prompted a number of conversations among my colleagues,’ she added.

Other Republican senators have weighed in as lawmakers return to Washington for day two of President Trump’s defense team.

‘We don’t know what’s in there other than what’s being leaked. My guess is John Bolton tells the truth,’ said Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. 

Bolton and Johnson had spoken in August – when Bolton still worked in the White House – about aid to Ukraine. Bolton urged Johnson to call President Trump directly on the matter, which the senator did.  

Some of the president’s defenders, however, have charged Bolton with trying to sell a book. Bolton was fired from the White House in September of last year 

‘Truly there’s nothing new here. It does seem to be an effort to sell books. I think there’s going to be a new revelation every day. Today’s just one more day,’ said Republican Sen. John Barrasso. 

‘I don’t think it changes any fundamental information of the basic case, that the House has to put the case together,’ said Sen. Roy Blunt.

But Democrats deny there was any coordination with Bolton or his team.

‘We had no communication with Mr. Bolton or Mr. Bolton’s lawyers,’ a senior Democratic congressional staffer working on impeachment said. 

McConnell has said the Senate will vote on calling witnesses after opening arguments are made. That would set up a vote sometime this week. 

Bolton has struck a book deal worth an estimated $2 million. 

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters Monday that Bolton’s book puts increased pressure on the Senate to call witnesses. 

‘The eyes of America are on Republicans in the Senate,’ he said.  

The impeachment trial was upended Sunday night when The New York Times reported on a leaked copy of an unpublished manuscript for the new book Bolton is writing. 

In it, Bolton wrote that the president told him he wanted to freeze military aid to Ukraine until the Eastern European nation helped with political investigations into his political rivals.

Trump said those claims were ‘false.’

‘False,’ the president said with a cringe when asked about it at the White House. He repeated: ‘False.’  

The president also told reporters at the White House on Monday that he has not seen Bolton’s manuscript. 

‘Well I haven’t seen the manuscript. But I can tell you, nothing was ever said to John Bolton,’ Trump told the press while greeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House Monday morning.

‘But I have not seen a manuscript. I guess he’s writing a book. I have not seen it,’ he insisted. 

Bolton had sent it to the White House for pre-publishing clear, which is required by federal law when former government employees with security clearances are writing about their time in government service in order to assure classified information is not compromised. 

Sarah Tinsley, an advisor to Bolton, said in a statement: ‘The ambassador’s manuscript was transmitted to the White House in hard copy several weeks ago for pre-publication review by the NSC. The ambassador has not passed the draft manuscript to anyone else. Period.’ 



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