Josh Addo-Carr in hot water with Canterbury after making stunning revelation on podcast

  • Josh Addo-Carr played on despite being knocked out 
  • He made the revelation during a podcast appearance 
  • Canterbury have ordered him to undergo a HIA assessment 

Canterbury have demanded that Josh Addo-Carr undergo an immediate HIA assessment after the footy star revealed he was ‘knocked out’ and played on at the Koori Knockout.

Addo-Carr has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons after he was involved in a fight at the tournament, which saw him cop a two-match suspension.

He has since revealed on a podcast that he was ‘put to sleep’ during the annual event, but still continued to play. 

According to News Corp, the Bulldogs and NRL have grown deeply concerned by the latest revelation, given the game’s strict rules around concussions. 

The Bulldogs were only made aware of the head knock, which happened two weeks ago, after Addo-Carr discussed it on Josh Mansour’s Let’s Trot podcast. 

Josh Addo-Carr has been ordered to undergo a HIA assessment after making an admission

He revealed he was 'put to sleep' during his appearance at the Koori Knockout

He revealed he was ‘put to sleep’ during his appearance at the Koori Knockout

The club has now asked Addo-Carr to undergo a HIA assessment this week and club doctors will check for any delayed reactions or headaches. 

‘I was copping it all game against the Walgett boys and I’m getting knocked out, put to sleep, five, ten minutes into the game,’ he said on the podcast. 

‘It was a fiery game. Two strong teams, two proud communities going against each other.

‘It was just unfortunate that the incident (the brawl) happened at the end of the game but that’s the Koori Knockout.

‘I don’t think the media or NRL have ever cared about the Koori Knockout till now.’

Addo-Carr is currently on holiday and hasn’t told the club of any side effects. The NRL have previously encouraged players to compete, but are worried by the lack of medical facilities for stars at the Koori Knockout. 

The winger will appeal his two-match suspension and blamed the media for the ban.

‘The media made it look like I was at fault. I will appeal and fight for my innocence,’ he added.

‘This is the first time ever. I’ve never been suspended. I’m a cleanskin, you know.

‘And I didn’t think anything was going to come from it. I’m pretty disappointed with the way things panned out and hopefully things fall my way.’

Addo-Carr has landed himself in hot water in the post season

Addo-Carr has landed himself in hot water in the post season

The Koori Knockout incident was among a number of controversial moments involving Addo-Carr in the post-season. 

Last week he compared the current conflict in the Middle East with Indigenous land rights in Australia, before withdrawing that remark. 

‘As a proud First Nations man, I saw a message of support against displacement and land rights, and I shared this without full consideration to, or understanding of, the current events happening overseas,’ his statement read.

‘I recognise that this is a mistake. As soon as it was brought to my attention, I deleted my post and felt remorse.’