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Journey of gambling from a long time back till today

The history of civilization is irretrievably connected to the invent of gambling because regardless of how far we can trace it, signs of gambling are also bound to be noticed. Around 2300 BC, it was seen in Ancient China where tiles were dug out which is a sign of possible gambling exchange and also the keno chips that were unearthed which were used as a form of money in 200 BC possibly for construction works. According to scholars, later in 800 BC, there were evidence of finding playing cards which were used as both the games as well as the stakes.

Over the years this likeability for the game was spread to many centuries and many places around the earth like Egypt, Greece, and Rome in the form of dice games. Excavating scenes in Greece and Rome indicate that gambling and betting on animals fights were becoming a very common scene, which was engraved in their potteries and they loved gambling which they did on a daily basis that too with stakes. Once gambling started to spread its wings in the world, society and civilization became more structured and synchronized. Routing its way from the 2300 AD to 1400 BC in Italy, the oldest games was the card game of Baccarat which spread to France and is played even today.

For these games to arrive at the level it is today, it had to go through the evolution of many years and then came up gambling houses that were known as casinos. It was in the early 17th Century in Italy where the casinos were first built and soon throughout the European continent in the 19th Century it widely broadened. The games have been materialized in many forms but the standard versions played in the casinos have very minutes modifications in their rules. Baccarat is more of a viewer sport and not a game but due to its popularity as there are high rolling gamblers seen many casinos include it in their list of games.

With time, in the 17th Century, the French game of Vingt-et-un was a leading game which arrived in America when French settlers settled there and the name given to the game was blackjack which was an American innovation. In the early 17th Century in Italy, the Ridotto was launched in Venice which provided a much more controlled environment for gambling and betting that was held in the annual carnival season. Slowly but steadily the market was booming with more casinos being established and more games being introduced such as Roulette in Paris, Poker which was invented in Persia but according to some research, it says Poker was a French game known as Poque.

However amongst all the games, Poker had a very slow and sluggish start but this was altered when in the 1970s, casinos in Vegas started holding world poker tournaments. Additionally, the machines used for these games were also constantly being updated in terms of user experience to give gamblers the bests of the experience. The United States of America has always had an unwavering association with the gambling scenery which dates back to the time when the European settlers have settled down here. The rules of gambling were different all over, as the people who came from England had more flexible and lenient ways of playing whilst the puritan bands banned gambling in their settlements.

Even today, in a few states in America, gambling is still considered illegal but it has also been legalized in many other states and the most famous is Las Vegas in Nevada. With the increase in popularity in gambling and casinos, in the 1900s a concept of online casinos was developed with the technology at growth during that time. During that time, the internet was being developed by the Advanced Research Project Agency and the entire project was funded by Defense Advance Agency as the intention was to create a secure system that will work accurately in times of nuclear wars. Several commercial service suppliers had emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990’s and by 1994 the USA had finally commercialized the use of the Internet.

The concept behind online gambling was to provide a gaming experience to people who could not go to the casinos to play. InterCasino was the first casino which was launched as one of the most flourishing online activity forms and in the same year Microgaming was also initiated which was one of the best casinos of that time and since then the development of online gambling has been consistent. Now it not just remains to the website experiences but also developers have further made apps that are providing ultimate gaming experience.

To further understand the upward graph of online gambling and how from its advent to the current trend of using mobile apps and other platforms which includes social gambling using money with benefits of jackpots and other bonus. Even though online casinos started in the 1900s, it was the twist of the century that brought it in the world of legal and lawful business. Many milestones have been constantly achieved in the industry of online casinos with new and latest technology coming up. To explain further it can be said that January 1998 saw the launch of the original internet poker room meanwhile in June 1998, the platform Microgaming commenced the very beginning of a boosting network with cash splash that is a jackpot slot.

By May 1999 there were 700 online casinos already working. By the next decade there were huge improvements and innovations that were happening, which gave the industry a huge impetus that in January 2010 online gambling market saw a growth of 12.5 percent and with the development and expansions happening, in January 2014 cryptocurrency was accepted as bitcoin had entered the scene. In addition to this, in October 2015 Microgaming commemorated its major ongoing jackpot triumph of £13,213,838.68 which proved to be huge momentum in the entire trade line.

With so many technological advancements that are continually occurring, the day is not far behind when app developers will take the users to an augmented or virtual reality gaming mode. This would again prove to be a big hit in the entertainment sector amongst millions of gamers who are active users of such websites and apps and even players who will join in future.


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