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Just How Important Is Music In Video Production?

While not all videos will have a music track included in the production, a lot of video content will benefit from the inclusion of music; either layered over the entire video or used for intros, outros, interludes and emphasis throughout.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you might want to include music in your professional video production and discover just how it will enhance the video overall.

Music Creates Mood and Triggers Emotions

Music is all about mood and emotions. Sad songs can make us feel melancholy, while dance music is upbeat and makes you feel like having a party and so on. It really depends on the nature of the video what type of music (if any) is going to serve the production and ensuing results the best.

Movie trailers, for example, will often have attention-grabbing, hard-hitting music and sound design. The reason is that these short trailers only have a minute or two to really get the attention of the audience and portray the highlights of the film. If the music score for the trailer is too tame, people may not pay attention. It can be the same for television ads.

If your video contains a lot of talking, then you’ll probably only use music intermittently throughout. If you were to have a music track playing continuously, it would need to be something more bland with not many peaks and troughs, or it will distract the viewer from what’s being said.

Not every video will require a music score, but most videos will be improved with the inclusion of music to create an emotional response and connection to the content.

Music Adds Personality To a Video

When your video has a distinct personality it’s naturally far more engaging to watch. Some people are just very animated speakers and there might not be any need for music to add a touch of personality, but most speakers will still benefit from adding music at certain points.

Whether it’s a video that contains a speaking presentation, a review of a product or even a short film, having just the right music inserted at key locations throughout the video will bring the entire production to life.

Give Your Video a Competitive Edge

Video is huge these days with YouTube now officially the second biggest search engine behind Google. With so many videos being made, you’ll need every advantage possible to get your video viewed, liked and shared.

If you’re trying to build subscribers, promote your brand, sell products or simply just want a lot of views, selecting the right music is paramount to success. You want your video to stand out when compared to a similar video. That’s what’s going to get you attention and shares and enable your video to have a chance of going viral.

Music Is Memorable

There is one thing you’ll definitely want to achieve with your video, no matter what type of video it is. You’ll want it to be memorable and music is one of the most effective methods of achieving that goal.

To get your video talked about and shared on social media and for people to remember your brand, punctuating your video with relevant music will go a long way towards ensuring it’s a video that people won’t forget.

Hire a Video Production Company

A quality video production company can handle the entire video creation process for you, from writing a script to filming, set design and they can even help you find just the right style of music to enhance your project.

Video producers are industry experts and will be able to guide you on your choices of music, as well as know where to sync licence music or have it originally produced just for your video.

In Australia, some really good video producers can put together high-quality productions to fit within the scope of your budget. The easiest way to find one near you is to do a Google search.

If you’re in Sydney, for example, the following search terms will give you some results to check into:

If you really want your video to shine in every way, it’s well worth hiring the services of industry professionals.


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