Karl Stefanovic slams Sydney pub Five Dock Bowling Club for expensive chicken schnitzel

Karl Stefanovic LOSES it over popular inner-city pub charging $45 for the Aussie chicken schnitzel classic: ‘Sydney has lost the plot’

  • Today Host slammed exorbitant price 
  • The meal was from Five Dock Bowling Club
  • The club said their prices were high without pokie subsidies 

Today host Karl Stefanovic slammed Sydney as ‘nuts’ after hearing a pub is charging $46.70 for a basic chicken schnitzel, chips and salad.

Stefanovic was reacting to news from a reporter at the Five Dock Bowling Club, in Sydney’s inner-west, on Tuesday morning after the eatery opened last Wednesday.

‘That’s why Sydney has lost the plot. It’s not even good there… I’m really upset about the schnitty. How many bread crumbs?,’ he said.

‘That’s why we stay home and make our own food, parmies, schnitties – $40, that’s crazy.’

Karl Stefanovic (pictured left with co-host Sarah Abo) was outraged after hearing about a $40 chicken schnitzel and chips deal in Sydney from reporter Luscie McLead (right)

Reporter Luscie McLead said the just the plain schnitzel option on the pub cost $28.90. 

But if you want chips, you need to pay an extra $6.90, and a salad is $8.90 on top of that price. 

The club also charges an extra 10 per cent surcharge on weekends and public holidays. 

Ms McLead said buying all the ingredients from a grocer to make the same dinner for a family cost almost the same as just one meal from the bowling club.

‘To put it into perspective I went to Coles, bought the ingredients, $56. Karl, you could make it home,’ she said.

Karl agreed, saying: ‘Just whack it in the air fryer and Bob’s your uncle.’

At an alternative venue just down the road from the bowling club, customers can find chicken schnitzels for just $24 – which includes two sides. 

However, Five Docks Bowling Club defended its high prices by saying it isn’t a bowling club but instead a ‘private restaurant’.

The Five Docks Bowling Club menu (above) revealed customers pay $28.90 for a plain chicken schnitzel and an extra $6.90 if they want to add chips

The Five Docks Bowling Club menu (above) revealed customers pay $28.90 for a plain chicken schnitzel and an extra $6.90 if they want to add chips

‘The only thought behind keeping the building name as Five Dock Bowling Club was as a reference for people to know its location and whereabouts, as the site first opened in 1933, not to denote the offering,’ owner Pierre Moio told Daily Telegraph.

‘We are not a registered club. We don’t have poker machines, we are not subsidised by gambling. We are a private restaurant.

‘There are enough places offering $15 meals nearby. We made a conscious choice to be different and maybe that attracts a new market.’

Recent data from the Consumer Price Index found Aussies were paying 9.4 per cent more for food and non-alcoholic beverages in November 2022 when compared with the same time in 2021.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Five Dock Bowling Club for comment. 

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