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Kennedys Clash Over Whether To Reopen Investigation Into 1968 Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr told the Washington Post: 

‘I went there because I was curious and disturbed by what I had seen in the evidence. I was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. My father was the chief law enforcement officer in this country. I think it would have disturbed him if somebody was put in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.’


Former lieutenant governor of Maryland Kathleen Townsend Kennedy told the Boston Globe in an email:

‘I think Bobby makes a compelling case.’ 


Joseph P. Kennedy II, the former congressperson from Massachusetts, said in a statement:  

‘As we approach the 50th anniversary of my father’s passing, I think what is most important is that our country and my family reflect on what my father stood for and fought for — a legacy promoting global peace, social justice, and civil rights.’


Kerry Kennedy, president of the Robert F Kennedy Center For Justice and Human Rights (which her mother founded), said:

‘The reason that people are interested in the circumstances of my father’s death is because of what he did with his life. And I think we should focus on his life and not so much on his death — his moral imagination, his capacity for empathy, his quest to heal divisions, and his belief that one person can make a difference.’