Kenneth Watterworth, Westport CT and the Importance of Entrepreneurship

Westport today is a town that has a bright future and is full of promise. The residents are proud of the richness of Westport’s past and continue to address future challenges with a special focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion for all who visit, live or work there.

Westport, CT is a connected community that shares a passion for the arts and education as well as the preservation of natural resources and our beautiful shoreline.

Westport can be found in Connecticut, United States along the Long Island Sound of Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Located on the Long Island Sound, 40 miles from New York City.

It has the Saugatuck River running through it. This makes Westport an economic powerhouse. The historic resources and open space preserve the history of commerce and agriculture.

Entrepreneurs like Kenneth Watterworth, in Westport, CT are in a unique position to prosper over the next few years.

Westport’s transportation options today contribute to its vitality. Kenneth Watterworth, Westport, CT entrepreneur utilizes this opportunity to commute from Westport to Waterbury to manage his fireproofing company Pro-Tect, Inc.

Why Entrepreneurs are important to Westport, CT

Entrepreneurs are rare. In innovation-driven countries, only 1-2% start a business each year. Entrepreneurs, especially innovative entrepreneurs, are crucial to economic competitiveness.

However, the only way to realize the benefits of entrepreneurship is to create a business environment that is open to innovation.

Policymakers must also be prepared for potential job losses in the medium-term through “creative destruction”, as entrepreneurs seek to increase productivity and disrupt industries.

The majority of Westport’s commercial sector is made up of boutique spaces in the financial and professional sectors. Bridgewater Associates and Terex are the two largest global macro hedge funds in the world.

Nyala Farms is one of the largest farms in Westport, Connecticut, at 53 acres. All Westport’s commercial properties have recently been renovated and are highly sought-after quality spaces.

There are two business centers that make Westport unique. Main Street Downtown is known for its unique shops. The street is currently in the midst of a multi-year revitalization to improve mobility.

Saugatuck Center is a historic transportation and commerce hub with revitalized retail and dining options. You can only get unique experiences by visiting our local specialty shops and fitness centers.

How Entrepreneurs benefit Westport, CT

Since the 19th century, entrepreneurs have played an integral role in the U.S.’s economic growth. Entrepreneurs are able to drive industry transformations, create new markets and build resilient communities.

Kenneth Watterworth describes four ways entrepreneurs benefit Westport, CT:

Wealth generation: Entrepreneurs often target new markets and reach audiences that are not within the scope of established companies. This opens up new revenue streams and increases profits.

Social Change: Entrepreneurs offer innovative products and services that reduce dependency on old processes and technologies. One example is how Westport entrepreneurs choose to commute. Many are choosing ride-sharing apps over owner cars.

Community development: Entrepreneurs in Westport, CT create a sense of community among people who share common interests and goals, regardless of whether they are located in the same neighborhood. Their products and services are a benefit to the community’s economic and social well-being.

Economic Growth: The success of entrepreneurs’ products and services can be a springboard to other markets and businesses. Kenneth Waterworth pivoted his first business, Ken Watterworth INC into Pro-Tect Inc, which became the largest fireproofing company in Connecticut.

Entrepreneurs tend to find companies that mirror the personalities of their founders. Entrepreneurs can come from any economic or social background.

Entrepreneurs can use the experience and training they get from programs like Staples High School in Westport, CT to prepare them for the challenges of turning innovation into profitable business ventures.

Examples of Entrepreneurs in action

Kenneth Watterworth began his first company in 1977. After realizing a unique opportunity in new construction in Westport, CT, Ken added a new service to his company.

Fireproofing was a great addition to Ken Watterworth Inc because it complimented the relationships he had already made in new construction. The additional services were a profitable addon to the new construction projects that his painting company was completing.

Kenneth Watterworth, Westport, CT founded Pro-Tect Inc. in 1991 as a commercial fireproofing contractor for structural steel buildings.

They are licensed fireproofing professionals for Cafco, Monokote, as well as Albi. Ken implemented strategic project management techniques and ensured a work-life balance in his department, greatly increasing productivity.

In 2015, after 38 years in business, Ken Watterworth Inc. closed to focus solely on fireproofing. This additional attention assisted Pro-Tect Inc. to grow to become the largest fireproofing contractor in the state of Connecticut.