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Key features of IPTV video streaming platforms

People are comfortable with using IPTV/OTT video streaming services. They appeared not long ago, but audiences have already become critical when choosing which service to use. Content is of primary importance.

But platform features matter too.

It is essential to provide a great user experience so that you have regular viewers. User experience influences your revenue generation.

Let’s observe what features can help you increase user retention.

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What are the key features of an IPTV video streaming platform?

#1 Delivering videos to many devices

People will appreciate it if your service can operate on different platforms and devices. They will be able to view videos on any device they want and have. They will not have to buy new ones in order to access your content.

Also, if the platform operates on many devices, it means that a viewer can watch videos anywhere where there is an internet connection.

You will need applications and probably an IPTV transcoder. Applications are for users.

They will download them from markets on their devices and access your content. IPTV transcoder is what will ensure that a video can be delivered to many devices, including smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, and laptops.

The transcoder converts a video from one format to another so that a video is played on a receiving device.

#2 Recommendation engine

People can spend hours looking for a video to view right now. It is difficult to do when you have a huge library of videos. It will take a lot of time to look through the whole library and find something new to enjoy.

You can save users’ time and effort by providing them with a recommendation engine. The recommendation engine analyzes a user’s preferences and behavior. After revealing patterns, it can offer those videos to the user that they might like.

These videos will be similar in genre or something else to the videos the user has already watched.

#3 Multiple profiles

Sometimes the whole family wants to enjoy your video content. But buying a subscription for everyone comes at a cost. That’s where you can provide your viewers with multiple profiles.

So, they purchase one subscription and can create many profiles – one for each family member. Each person can have their viewing history and save videos they watch now.

Moreover, if they can access the platform on any device, all the family fights over a remote control can be avoided. Isn’t that great?

#4 Notifications

Users don’t often have time to track when a new video is published. That’s why it will be very kind of you to inform them about the new video you have created.

Also, many people visit a service only after they see a notification. So, it can be an additional way to draw their attention to your video content.

Notify them about a new video or a video they haven’t finished watching, or the end of a subscription period. Notifications can help you stay in touch with your viewers.

Final Thoughts

To stand out from the competition and attract as many viewers as possible, you need to be creative. You should not only enhance and optimize your video content but also care for an IPTV solution you use.

Many IPTV solution providers don’t have enough features to help you achieve your business goals and offer a smooth user experience. We recommend doing the research before obtaining a solution. You can find the one that will suit your purposes.