Kim Kardashian says she hides  her true feelings about Kanye West around their children

‘I have to be ready to explain why I’m upset’: Kim Kardashian says she hides her true feelings about Kanye West around their children as she stars in new cover shoot for Vogue Italia

Even without knowing the man, one could be forgiven for feeling alarmed by the increasingly erratic Kanye West and the ongoing acts of self-sabotage that have served to undermine his once flourishing career. 

But for Kim Kardashian – whose eight-year marriage to the rapper, producer and entrepreneur came to an end in 2022 – the controversy that continues to dog her ex-husband has provided a valuable lesson in self-preservation. 

Speaking to Vogue Italia, the 42-year old insists the responsibility of motherhood – Kardashian shares four young children with West – has taught her to emotionally distance herself in an attempt to provide her growing family with as stable an upbringing as possible. 

She said: ‘If it’s something concerning my kids’ dad and I’m upset, I try not to show as much emotion. I have to be ready to explain why I’m upset and it might not be appropriate for them to know. 

‘There’s nothing worse than “You’ll understand when you’re older”. I don’t want to be that person. But if I’m upset about other things that they can understand, I absolutely will show emotion and cry.’ 

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