Kmart Australia: Shoppers slam store for scanning receipts at the door

Kmart shoppers slam ‘utterly ridiculous’ new system being rolled out in stores: ‘We’re not criminals’

  • Kmart scans customers receipts as they leave
  • Shoppers say the system is ‘utterly ridiculous’
  • Kmart argues it makes exiting more ‘streamlined’ 

Shoppers are venting their frustrations at Kmart after the store introduced a new system they say makes them feel like a ‘criminal’. 

After paying for their purchases at the checkout, customers now have to line up again for a staff member to scan their receipt as they exit the store in an attempt to  curb shoplifting.

Kmart argued the change makes shoppers’ experience ‘more streamlined’ but many have slammed the practice saying it is ‘insulting’ and ‘demeaning’. 

‘What’s with moving the tills to the centre of the store and then scanning receipts on the way out?’ one man asked in a Facebook message to the budget retailer. 

‘Twice now I’ve seen people queuing to get their receipts checked, so I just walk out. I’m not queuing in the same shop twice for the same items. Utterly ridiculous.’

Kmart shoppers have been left fuming over a new system that forces customers to line up and have their receipt scanned as they leave the store

Many were quick to agree and one man even thought the security measure would increase shoplifting incidents. 

‘Shoplifting skyrocketing now because of this utterly stupid idea, and some poor junior staff members to tackle shoplifters at the door,’ he said. 

A Sydney shopper told she had ‘never seen anything like’ the receipt scanning on exit saying she had to wait in a ‘long queue’ as she was trying to leave the Marrickville store. 

‘I’ve seen Kmart workers check receipts before, but this is the first time I saw a worker stop each person and scan their receipts. People weren’t happy at the hold-up and how we were basically being treated like criminals,’ she said. 

‘And it was just one young girl working at the door, it was a lot for her to deal with. She was tiny, what happens if she catches someone doing something and they get aggressive?’

Kmart argued the new system makes shoppers' experience 'more streamlined' but many have slammed the practice saying it makes them feels like a 'criminal'

Kmart argued the new system makes shoppers’ experience ‘more streamlined’ but many have slammed the practice saying it makes them feels like a ‘criminal’ 

One woman took to Twitter to criticise the divisive practice saying Kmart should ‘trust people’ if it is going to place checkouts, many of which are self-serve, in the middle of the store. 

‘Our local (Kmart store) has started scanning barcodes at the front and you have to queue to leave after you’ve just queued to serve yourself,’ she said. 

‘I stopped shopping at Kmart a long time ago because of this. It is insulting, demeaning and treats customers as an enemy,’ someone responded. 


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Kmart introduced digital receipt scanning to the existing receipt checking processes earlier this year. 

Before the scanners, a staff member would manually check customers’ receipts as they exited. 

Responded to the backlash, Kmart claims it has received positive feedback about the scanners claiming it speeds up the receipt checking process.

‘At Kmart, we strive to deliver an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience to all our customers whether they choose to shop with us in-store or online,’ a spokesperson said. 

‘Earlier this year we introduced digital receipt scanning to assist in our existing process of receipt and bag checks before leaving the store, which is a condition of entry across all of our stores and has been for many years.

‘This introduction creates a more streamline experience that is easier for both customers and team members when they visit us in-store.’