Kmart customers thrilled after sold out $99 buy hits the shelves again: ‘It’s what dreams are made of’

Aussies are rushing to buy a $99 spot cleaner from Kmart after one woman revealed she got goosebumps seeing how much dirt and grime it sucked from her car seats.

In the video the water coming from the seat is thick and brown, leaving the woman thrilled and shocked at once. 

‘Oh, perfect, oh my god, I have goosebumps everywhere, this is out of this world,’ she said.

‘The devil works hard but my $99 Kmart spot cleaner works harder,’ she laughed. 

Another woman can be heard agreeing, describing the experience as a dream. 

It only took a few swipes of the spot cleaner’s nozzle before the water in the container turned a solid brown from all the dirt it had removed. 

The spot cleaner has previously sold out several times at Kmart stores across Australia and is now back in stock online. 

It promises to remove stains on all upholstery and carpet surfaces with its powerful water spray function. 

The cleaner has sold out across Kmart stores and online before – but is back in stock  

The low price tag has made it an attractive offering. 

Owners of the Kmart spot cleaner have shared hundreds of rave reviews about how effective the $99 gadget is. 

‘I’ve been waiting so long to get my hands on one and I finally did. Cleaned my couches and they came up like new,’ one woman said. 

‘Purchased one after watching an online review. Wasn’t disappointed. The colour of my dirty water says it all. My couch looked clean but definitely wasn’t,’ another agreed. 

‘It’s so satisfying to use,’ a third said. 

People can’t get over how effective the spot cleaner is compared to similar cleaning appliances.

‘I expected it would clean the carpet to an okay level but wow, didn’t expect how great it cleaned. In all honesty it cleans so much better than my big carpet shampooer does, in fact it puts it to shame,’ one fan said. 

The spot cleaner comes with multiple attachments and users say it’s easy to put together and lighter than it looks to use. 

Some people did say it takes a while for soaked seats, couches and carpets to properly dry after being used, but that the results were worth the wait.