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Know all the benefits of online DTH recharge

From 1967 to 1991, India had only one TV channel, Doordarshan, which was free of cost with service provided through antennas. When the Indian economy opened up in 1991, private TV broadcasters provided many channels.

From 200 TV channels in 2005, there are nearly 1,000 available now. And from antennas to cable TV during the 90s, it is now the DTH services that make viewing these channels easy and cost-effective in India. DTH recharge makes it convenient to pay for only the channels of choice to enjoy, from news to entertainment and from sports to educational and other channels.

Airtel DTH recharge has over 16.31 million subscribers with a 23.31% market share of the DTH services. Check the importance of online DTH recharge below.

Importance of DTH recharge

The TV households in India are rapidly increasing with the advent of DTH and its easy recharge online. From 188 million TV households in 2018, it has reached 200 and is expected to reach 209 million in 2023. Correspondingly, the DTH subscribers now are 65 million, which is nearly one-third of the total TV households. And with the rise in TV households and the number of viewers shifting from analog connections to direct to home connections, its importance is on the rise.

Besides viewing high-quality content at fewer costs and the convenience of recharging online, DTH recharge is rising, and its demand is increasing even in rural areas. It is because of the simple and easy way to recharge DTH via online payment apps which don’t involve any complicated keying process in many details.

How to make DTH recharge quickly and easily?

Unlike before, people living in rural areas do not have to depend on cable TV operators to view many TV channels. Also, they may not get disappointed in not viewing their channels as the cable operators only offer their choice and availability channels. Now with no expertise needed for DTH recharge online, even laypersons can do it by just keying in a few details in their smartphones that include.

  • Open the website or app of a payment app in Android or iOS
  • Click DTH and select the DTH operator
  • Key in the customer ID and check for the many Airtel DTH recharge plans
  • Choose one of your choices and click the payment button
  • Enjoy viewing until the plan ends in a month and do it again with the same plan or choosing any better Airtel DTH recharge plans.

What are the benefits of online DTH recharge?

Airtel DTH recharge online with a payment app comes with many benefits:

  • DTH HD box is available at a discounted price of 1300 and using a relevant Airtel code, subscribers can get an impressive discount on their connection.
  • Get a cashback up to Rs. 250 by recharging on the Airtel App or Airtel website or even a third-party app or site and paying through Airtel payments
  • Upgrade the DTH box to XStream box for transforming into Smart TV from HD or SD at nominal prices.
  • With Airtel DTH, there are many regular discounts, cashback offers, and special discount vouchers.
  • It is easy to add on the favorite channels individually priced Aa La Carte as per your choice.
  • Easy and cost-effective to avail long-term recharge offers to avoid recharging every month and get more benefits.
  • Airtel DTH recharge online avoids any transaction costs for subscribers to save the maximum possible on the hard-earned money.
  • DTH recharge is instant from anywhere anytime with no hassles using a payment app and also safe through a secure payment gateway.