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Kyrie Irving says he felt ‘very DISRESPECTED at times’ with the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving says he felt ‘very DISRESPECTED at times’ with the Brooklyn Nets, hitting out at a lack of talk about ‘his work ethic’… insisting he ‘wants to change the narrative’ in Dallas as he gets down to work with new team

Kyrie Irving has admitted he felt ‘very disrespected’ during stages of his career with the Brooklyn Nets. 

During his introductory press conference with the Mavs, Irving revealed he feels ‘really wanted’ by Dallas, who secured the eight-time All-Star in a trade on Monday.

The Mavs dealt away Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and a 2029 first-round pick for the NBA champion.

Irving endured multiple controversies while with the Brooklyn franchise including the anti-Semitic saga after posting a link to a controversial Amazon documentary, and missing multiple games after refusing the COVID vaccine. 

‘I just don’t want to be placed where I’m celebrated, and not just tolerated or you know, kind of dealt with in a way that doesn’t make me feel respected,’ Irving said. 

Kyrie Irving endured multiple controversies during his four seasons with the Brooklyn Nets

‘There were times throughout this process when I was in Brooklyn where where I felt very disrespected. 

‘No one ever talks about my work ethic. Everyone talks about what I’m doing off the floor. I just wanna change that narrative.’

When asked as to what the Nets did specifically to disrespect him, Irving chose to defer commentary to a later date.

‘I think that’s another day where I can really go into detail about it,’ he said. 

‘I think that’s another day where I can’t really go into detail about it. I’m not the person to really speak on names and go to someone behind their back and try to leak stuff to the media, that’s never been me. 

‘I’ve been an audience member watching people say things about me that ultimately just fall off my shoulder.

‘I just know I need healthy boundaries, especially in this entertainment business, there’s a lot of disrespect with people’s families, with their names and I’m just not with it. 

‘So it’s not personal against those guys in the front office, it’s just what I’m willing to accept. 

Kyrie Irving lacing up for his first practice with the Mavs

Irving seemingly enjoyed himself as the Mavs trained at USC Monday

Kyrie Irving got his first reps as a Dallas player on Monday as the Mavs practiced at USC

‘I took a chance and luckily and fortunately the Dallas Mavericks picked me up.’ 

In leaving the Nets, Irving all-but-wrecked any championship hopes for the Nets, leaving superstar Kevin Durant – who is unlikely to be traded – to push deep into the playoffs without another superstar beside him. 

‘It just didn’t work out. We still remain brothers,’ Irving said. ‘But it is a business at the end of the day.

‘Ultimately, I want to be at peace every time I come into work, rather than things have over my head, or wondering what people think about me in the building or whether a report is going to come out of tomorrow that I don’t talk to my teammates which is untrue.

‘I just felt like being in New York City, in the media capital of the world, there were so many things that leaked out, that I didn’t even know where they came from, and I’m answering things that I don’t deserve. 

‘I’m just grateful I got to move on and now I’m here.’


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