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La Liga top scorers in the previous season

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The list of La Liga top scorers of the previous season looked as predictable as possible. The first place was taken by Lionel Messi, whose goals once again provided Barcelona with gold medals of the national championship.

For the first time in a long time, the Argentinean player didn’t have such a serious competitor as Cristiano Ronaldo the season before. At the same time, Messi didn’t lower his requirements for himself, which helped him once again to become the best. Griezmann, Stuani, Benzema – they were all good only at a certain stage of the tournament. As for Lionel, he demonstrated his high class throughout the full season.

Among the top scorers of La Liga, Luis Suarez should also be mentioned specifically. Many people say that the Uruguayan is old, but in fact he continues to create dangerous moments in almost every match and often assists in goals, if not scoring himself.

The duo of Messi and Suarez was the main reason why Barcelona was able to confidently break away from competitors. Other clubs simply don’t have such scorers.

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