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Laser Hair Removal – Solution for The Men and Women of Today

Shaving, waxing, and tweezing may be the most convenient way to remove unwanted body and facial hair, but they could leave undesirable effects on your skin. In some cases, you might not even be pleased with their results. That said, you might want to consider another option, which is laser hair removal in Toronto. It’s an excellent solution for men and women looking to remove unwanted hair with precision and potentially better results than traditional hair removal methods.

The main advantage

Can you imagine not plucking, waxing, or shaving anymore, or minimize the need to do those frequently? That’s possible with laser hair removal from a laser clinic in Toronto. It’s a cutting-edge treatment that can eliminate or at least reduce hair growth on your back, face, arms, legs, and other body areas.

Reputable laser clinics offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatments conducted by a seasoned team of nurses and technicians to target unwanted hair, even in delicate areas, regardless of your skin type. So, you’ll get hair-free and smoother skin, and you can stop doing painful hair removal methods and say goodbye to their side effects like cuts and nicks, ingrown hairs, inflamed hair follicles, and skin irritation.

More benefits

Laser hair removal services in Toronto are known for their precision. Lasers target coarse and dark hair precisely without damaging the surrounding skin. The procedure is fairly quick, as every laser pulse takes only a fraction of a second while simultaneously treating multiple hairs. Keep in mind that hair removal on larger areas (i.e. legs and back) could take up to an hour.

How it works

The result of laser hair removal is more predictable. In most cases, permanent hair loss occurs after around three to seven sessions. Laser hair removal in Toronto uses the most advanced lasers that effectively damage hair at the follicle. Hair pigment absorbs the laser light and delivers it to the root, causing damage and making hair fall out. By damaging the follicle, new hair growth is inhibited.

Remember that results may vary per individual, and that hair may not immediately fall out. It could take two to three weeks to see the full results, so you could still see hair growth for a few more weeks after laser hair removal before the shedding occurs. Reputable providers of laser hair removal services in Toronto target hair at the anagen or active growth phase, which is why most patients will require several treatments to attain their treatment objectives.

About the Clinic:

Distill Laser Clinic helps in improving skin and helps patients reach their aesthetic goals with personalized treatments to bring out the best results and excellency. The Clinic uses standard laser technology, which is 100% safe for all skin types. With over 20 years in business, the clinic also offers various non-surgical procedures including anti-wrinkle treatments, pigment lesion, acne scarring, hair loss, fillers, laser hair removal, and much more.

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